Network+ 8th Edition Chapter 2

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1. A change coordinator functions as what type of manager?

a. project manager

2. Your company is setting itself up to distribute software made by another company. What type of document should your company procure from the developing company?

b. master license agreement

3. What does a statement of work document do?

a. It documents in detail the work that must be completed for a particular object, and includes specifics such as tasks, deliverables, standards, payment schedule, and work timeline.

4. What statement accurately describes what a cable bend radius determines?

a. A cable bend radius is the radius of the maximum arc into which you can loop the cable without impairing data.

5. What type of diagram is a graphical representation of a network’s wired infrastructure?

b. wiring schematic

6. Why should you not leave more than 1 inch of exposed cable before a twisted-pair termination?

b. The exposure of the cable can cause transmission interference between wires.

7. What statement correctly identifies the purpose of a software patch?

a. A software patch is a correction, improvement, or enhancement to software.

8. What component of the backbone runs between a building’s floors and can be used to connect an MDF and IDF or multiple IDFs?

c. vertical cross connect

9. When creating network diagrams, what icon description typically represents a network switch?

d. An icon that is rectangular, which contains four arrows pointing in opposite directions.

10. When creating network diagrams, what icon description typically represents a network router?

a. An icon that has a hockey-puck shape with two arrows pointing inward and two arrows pointing outward.

11. Which of the following is NOT a best practice when performing cable management?

c. Cable ties should be pulled tightly to keep cables from moving around in a bundle.

12. What is the name of the GUI front end that is available for the Nmap utility?

b. Zenmap

13. During termination of twisted pair cabling, what should be done to ensure minimal cross talk is introduced?

a. No more than 1 inch of the cable should be exposed.

14. Equipment data racks most commonly are a standard width of what measurement?

a. 19 inches

15. Which of the following is a document that is sent as a request to vendors to submit a proposal for a product or service that your company wants to purchase?

d. request for proposal

16. In order to ensure that a cable is not affected by electromagnetic interference, how far away should the cable be from fluorescent lighting?

b. at least 3 feet

17. A dedicated telephone switch or virtual switching device that connects and manages calls within a private organization, and manages call connections that exit the network through a VoIP gateway, is known by what term?

b. VoIP PBX (private branch exchange)

18. What statement regarding main distribution frame or main distribution facilities is accurate?

d. The MDF is the centralized point of interconnection for an organization’s LAN or WAN.

19. In general, how much can a twisted-pair’s cable be bent before data transmission may be impeded?

b. No more than four times the diameter of the cable.

20. When planning horizontal cabling, what is the maximum allowable distance that can be used?

d. 100 meters

21. Where is a demarc located in relation to the structured cabling of an enterprise environment?

a. in the Main Distribution Frame (MDF)

22. What component of enterprise level structured cabling serves as the location where an incoming network interface enters a building and connects with the building’s backbone cabling?

d. entrance facility

23. In a voice over IP setup (VoIP), what kind of device converts signals from a campus’s analog phone equipment into IP data that can travel over a phone company’s analog telephone lines?

c. VoIP gateway

24. What is NOT a TIA/EIA recognized cabling type that can be used for horizontal cabling?

a. RG-6 Coaxial

25. What kind of document serves as a legally binding contract or part of a contract that defines, in plain language and in measurable terms, the aspects of a service provided to a customer?

c. service-level agreement

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