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Which of the following best describes how a switch functions?

It connects multiple cable segments (or devices) and forwards to the appropriate segment.

How do switches and bridges learn where devices are located on a network?

When a frame enters a port, the source MAC address is copied from the frame header.

An eight-port switch receives a frame on port number 1. The frame is addressed to an unknown device. What will the switch do?

Send the frame out ports two through eight.

Which of the following devices does not segment the network?


Which of the following hardware devices regenerates a signal out all connected ports without examining the frame or packet contents?

Repeater and Hub

At which OSI layer does a router operate to forward network messages?


Your company purchases a new bridge that filters packets based on the MAC address of the destination computer. On which layer of the OSI is this device funtioning?

Data Link

At which of the following OSI layers does a router operate?


Which of the following devices operate at the Data Link layer of the OSI model?

Bridges, switches, and network interface cards (NICs)

Which of the following devices operates at the OSI model layer 2?

Network interface card, switch

A switch is associated with which OSI model layer?

Data Link

At which layer of the OSI model do hubs operate?


Which of the following devices operates at the OSI model layer 2


Which of the following devices operates at the OSI model layer 1?


Which network component connects a device to a transmission media and allows the device to sent and receive messages?

Network interface card

Which of the following statements accurately describes how a modem works?

It modulates digital data from the PC into data and transmits it on a telephone network. It demodulates analog data from a telephone network into digital PC data.

You have a server that has a 100BaseFX network interface card that you need to connect to a switch. The switch only has 100BaseTX switch ports. What device should you use?

Media converter

Which device sends signals from a computer onto a network?


At which OSI model layer does a media converter operate?

Layer 1

You want a switch to have the ability to modify the media type the switch port supports. Which type of module might you use to make this possible?

SFP (small form-factor pluggable), GBIC (gigabit interface converter)

Which of the following is a valid MAC address?


Which of the following is a valid MAC address?


A host wants to send a message to another host that has the IP address IP does not know the hardware address of the destination device. Which protocol can be used to discover the MAC address?


Which of the following is true about the MAC address?

It is typically represented by hexadecimal numbers. It is a 48-bit address.

Which of the following hardware devices links multiple networks and directs traffic between networks?


You are the network admin for a small organization. Recently, you contracted with an ISP to connect your organizations network to the internet to provide users with internet access. Since doing so, it has come to your attention that an intruder has invaded your network from the internet on three separate occasions. What type of network hardware should you implement to prevent this from happening again?


Which of the following is the best device to deploy if you want to protect your private network from a public untrusted network?


Which of the following is a good reason to install a firewall>

To prevent hackers from accessing our network?

You are the admin of your company’s network. You want to prevent unauthorized access to your intranet from the internet. Which type of the following should you implement?


Which of the following physical topologies are used with Ethernet networks?

Bus, Star

Which of the following use the CSMA/CD access method?


The media access control method of all Ethernet networks is____


A network is connected following the IEEE 802.3 specifications. Which of the following best describes when a device can transmit messages?

The device listens if the transmission media is free.

What is the minimum cable specification that supports 1000 Mbps Ethernet?

Cat 5e

You want to implement an Ethernet network at very long distances using fiber optic cables. Which standard and cable type would you choose?

Single-mode fiber, 1000BaseLX

Ethernet 100BaseFX networks use what type of cabling?

Fiber optic

Which of the following ethernet standards uses fiber-optic cabling?

100BaseFX, 1000BaseLX

Your network follows the 100BaseFX specifications for the Fast Ethernet and uses half-duplex multi-mode cable. What is the maximum cable segment length allowed?

412 meters

Your network follows the 100BaseTX specifications for Fast Ethernet. What is the maximum cable length allowed?

100 meters

You have been tasked with designing an Ethernet network. Your client needs to implement a very high-speed network backbone between campus buildings, some of which are around 300 meters apart. Multi-mode fiber optic cabling has already been installed between buildings. Your client has asked that you use the existing cabling. Which Ethernet standards meets these guidelines?

1000BaseSX, 10GBaseSR

What type of cabling is used with 100BaseTX fast Ethernet networks?

Cat5 or higher

What topology is used with 100 BaseTX Fast Ethernet Networks?

physical star/ logical star, physical star/logical bus

Which of the following are requirements of the 1000BaseT Ethernet standards?

The cable length must be less than or equal to 100m, RJ45 connectors, Cat 5e cabling

You are planning a network for an educational campus. Due to the size of the building and the distance between them, you have elected to use 10BaseFL hubs, cabling, and network interface cards. What is the maximum length for the network cable between a workstations and a hub?

2000 m

Which Gigabit Ethernet standard uses multimode fiber optic cabling and supports network segments up to a maximum of 550 meters long?


You have been tasked with designing a high-speed Ethernet netowrk. Your clients building already has 150-ohm shielded twisted pair (STP) wiring installed. Due to budget constraints, they have asked you to reuse the existing wiring instead of installing new fiber optic cabling. Which Ethernet standard could you implement in this situation?


Which Gigabit ethernet standard can support long network segments up to a maximum of 5 km when used with single-mode fiber optic cable?


You would like to implement 10 Gbps Ethernet over a distance of 1 km or greater. Which of the following would be the minimum requirement fir the implementation?

Single-mode fiber, 10GBaseLR standards

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