NET 140 Chapter 3

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The Windows Server 2012/R2 remote management features are enabled via what Windows component?

Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

A server can be added to Server Manager by which of the following methods?

Connecting to the remote server’s web server

​How can an administrator mount an install image to install features?


​What PowerShell cmdlet can be utilized to pause a specified running service, or multiple services, separated by a comma?


​Which load balancing mode is the default mode within Windows Server 2012 R2, and uses an even distribution of traffic among all team members, including virtual NICs?


​The user account utilized by a service to log into a system can be set within the service’s properties.


​Server roles can be installed and uninstalled on an offline VHD file.


If an administrator wants to test the results of a PowerShell cmdlet without actually performing the cmdlet’s operations, what option should be used?


​What file extension is used for Windows install images that can be deployed with Windows Deployment Server?


What type of Windows Server 2012/R2 installation takes up the least amount of space?

Server Core

An administrator can run a PowerShell command on a remote server using what additional element?

-Computer Name

​In order to utilize the Services snap-in within MMC on a remote computer, what firewall rule group must be enabled?

Remote Service Management

A Server Core installation can’t be converted to a Minimal Server Interface.


The netsh command can be used to configure a Windows firewall remotely by default, without any changes required on the remote server.​


If an administrator wants to modify the properties of an existing NIC team, what PowerShell cmdlet should be used?


​When using PowerShell, what cmdlet can be utilized to retrieve a list of services?


To enable PowerShell remote management, what command must be run?

Enable-PSremoting -force

​What load balancing mode utilizes an algorithm based on an outgoing packet’s properties?

Address hash

​Select below the parameter that can be included with the Install-WindowsFeature command in order to automatically install management tools associated with a role.


A Desired State Configuration script can be created by the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE).


​A server that distributes traffic across two or more interfaces is utilizing which choice below?

Load balancing

Which option below is the default load-balancing mode within Windows Server 2012?

Address hash

​Which firewall rule group must be enabled in order to allow for the remote use of the Task Scheduler snap-in?

Remote Scheduled Tasks Management

The IEEE 802.1ax standard, which allows for the dynamic creation of a team, is known as which protocol below?


​Which of the following choices is not one of the three teaming modes?

Address hashing

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