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The concept of "duty ethics" states that

the rightness of an action is determined by existing laws and contemporary social standards that define what is right and wrong and where the line is.

Only one of the approaches to ethical reasoning has as its central tenet that actions are more right if they promote more happiness, more wrong as they produce unhappiness. Which approach applies?

End-result ethics.

Ethical criteria for judging appropriate conduct define

what is appropriate as determined by some standard of moral conduct.

Which of the following arguments refutes Carr’s claim that business strategy is analogous to poker strategy?

Most games do not legitimize deception, and therefore business should not be analogous to a game that does legitimize deception.

What is the implication of the dilemma of trust?

We believe everything the other says and can be manipulated by their dishonesty.

Which tactic is seen as inappropriate and unethical in negotiation?

All of the above are seen as inappropriate and unethical tactics.

Which is a Category of Marginally Ethical Negotiating Tactics?

All of the above

Research has shown that negotiators use what two forms of deception in misrepresenting the common value issue?

Misrepresentation by omission and misrepresentation by commission

McCornack and Levine found that victims had stronger emotional reactions to deception when

lying was seen as an unacceptable type of behavior for that relationship.

When using the justification that "the tactic was unavoidable," the negotiator is saying that

the negotiator was not in full control of his or her actions and hence should not be held responsible.

When using the "intimidation" tactic to detect deception, one should

make a no-nonsense accusation of the other.

When using the "altered information" tactic to detect deception, one should

exaggerate what you believe is the deception and state it, hoping that the other will jump in to "correct" the statement.

Which of the following tactics is the least preferable method of responding to another party’s distributive tactics or "dirty tricks"?

Responding in kind

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