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Which statement is TRUE about the "The Star Spangled Banner?"

It became the US national anthem in 1931 and was originally a British tune.

Who wrote the melody of the "The Star Spangled Banner?"

John Stafford Smith

A __________ is a political Mexican ballad that tells stories of struggle and identity.


Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, originally written in honor of Napoleon, is called the ___________ Symphony.


Alexander Borodin was a member of "The Five," a group of composers who can best be described as:


This is the name of the French National Anthem

"La Marseillaise"

The central theme of Beethoven’s Ninth symphony is

universal brotherhood

What is NOT true about the "Ode to Joy"?

It is a folk tune

During the Cultural Revolution in China music was used to:

promote Communist ideals

"Dilmano Dilbero"

is a composed Bulgarian "folk" song

This composer used unconventional techniques on stringed instruments in one of his works, written for string orchestra.

Krzystof PendereckiWhich of the following is NOT true about the Ghost Dance songs?

Which of the following is NOT true about the Ghost Dance songs?

They are Native American rain dances.

Which of the following is true about Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time?

It was written by a French prisoner of war in WW II; it uses mathematical cycles.

"It was a Summer’s Day" tells the story of:

massacre during the Holocaust

The ________ bards are Arab women who now sing for peace in Darfur.


Barry McGuire and ____________ engaged in a kind of musical duel over the pros and cons of the Vietnam War.

The Spokesmen

Which of the following statements is true about Janequin’s chanson "La Guerre"?

It incorporates military battle calls.

Which statement is FALSE about music in the Civil War?

"All Quiet on the Potomac Tonight" was despised by the North.

The use of three different performing groups to represent 1) tradition, 2) soldiers, and 3) innocence and hope, is true of:

Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Music and war have been linked since Biblical times or earlier.

Which of the following is TRUE about "Gretchen am Spinnrade" (Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel")?

It portrays a woman at a spinning wheel and is based on a text from Faust by Goethe.

The troubadours and trouvères sang about unattainable courtly love, also called:

fin amours

This Renaissance composer often hid cryptic messages in his music:


Madama Butterfly by Puccini is a/an __________ that deals with the betrayal of a Japanese woman by an American naval officer.


Which of the following is NOT true of Lieder:

They are orchestra conductors .

____________ was a famous French singer of the 1940s and 50s:

Edith Piaf

Disney’s "Something There" represents the dawn of love through:

melodic motion, harmony, and text

"Love gone wrong" is the principle subject of:

Hank Williams

Which statement is NOT true about "Ceurik Rahwana"?

It uses kotekan.

Western culture’s legitimization of our modern notions of romantic attraction began:

in the Medieval period with the troubadours and trouvères

Broadway, the theater district in New York City, is also known as________.

The Great White Way

_______wrote both words and music for Sweeney Todd.

Stephen Sondheim

This American theatrical genre depicted racial stereotypes and utilized "blackface" entertainers:

minstrel shows

As late as 1967 sixteen states still had laws that banned inter-racial marriage, historically referred to as the:

antimiscegenation laws

This composer’s lyrics and music often juxtapose contrasting ideas, particularly of high and low culture:

Cole Porter

This composer wrote an American "folk opera".

George Gershwin

West Side Story is based on the Shakespeare play_____________.

Romeo and Juliet

Leonard Bernstein and _________ both wrote similarly constructed finales that feature an ensemble of characters all singing at once.


Which of the following is NOT true about Show Boat?

It was written by Hammerstein (composer) and Kern (lyricist).

American musical theater:

mirrors social issues of the day.

This film was the first feature-length "talkie" (film with recorded dialogue):

The Jazz Singer

This film composer wrote the soundtrack for major motion pictures such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial:

John Williams

The music in ET’s flying scene is not part of the characters’ world, therefore it is:


This Disney film featured scenes set to music by classical composers such as J.S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky, and Ludwig van Beethoven:


The world’s most prolific producer of films is _________.


Which of the following is NOT one of Hollywood’s Golden Age film composers?

Fritz Lang

Which of the following statements does NOT apply to Cabin in the Sky?

It avoided racial stereotypes.

The soundtrack for The Day the Earth Stood Still uses this instrument, ________, which works by sensing electromagnetic waves in the body.


Howard Shore, like Richard Wagner, uses____________ to represent characters, ideas, and objects in order to connect his films’ action.


The dramatic set piece in Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress features a/an __________ .

traditional dance

Which of the following is NOT true about the tango?

Tango took root in Berlin around 1912.

Capoeira is:

a martial art as much as a dance

The berimbau is associated with this type of dance:


A traditional dance style among the Dagbamba ethnic group of Northern Ghana is called:


__________ choreographed the premiere of Le sacre du printemps.

Vaslav Nijinsky

__________ is known for his traditional story ballets.


Artists during the___________ period of European history looked to ancient Greece for artistic inspiration.


This dance, ________________may have been used to catch a suitable mate.

Le sacre du printemps

Which of the following statements is TRUE about Le sacre du printemps?

Its music and choreography departed significantly from what audiences were used to.

Which of the following figures is NOT associated with modern dance?

Marius Petipa

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