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musical instruments whose sound generator is a stretched skin or other memebrane are classified as


The mbira may be described as a(n)

melodic idiophone with tongues of metal or bamboo attached to a sounding board.

A type of music of the Akan-speaking peoples of Ghana is known as


Musical instruments whose sound generator is a column of air are classified as


A performance style in which the phrases of a soloist are repeatedly answered by those of a chorus is known as

call and response.

Drums in sub-Saharan Africa

All answers are correct.

Nonwestern musical scales often contain ________ tones.

All of these

A repeated cycle of beats, or rhythmic pattern, in Indian music is called


Which of the following statements is not true with regard to sub-Saharan Africa?

Vocalists in Africa often use the pressure drum to accompany themselves.

Nonwestern music is most often transmitted

orally from parent to child or teacher to student.

The choice of musical instruments in nonwestern cultures frequently depends on

the musical style of a culture. religion. the culture’s geography.

In the song Ompeh there are _______ references to death.


Which of the following is not characteristic of Indian music?

The basic texture is polyphonic.

The ________ is a long-necked lute with movable frets, seven strings, and nine to thirteen sympathetic strings, popular in north India.


Music that has a texture in which all parts perform the same basic melody, but in versions that differ in ornamentation or rhythm, is called


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