Music Chapter 25

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Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks are the best-known suites by a. Haydn b. Handel c. Stradivarius


A Baroque suite usually consists of a group of dances. True False

A royal party on the Thames River

For what event was Handel’s Water Music performed on July 17, 1717? A royal party on the Thames River A fireworks display in London The coronation of the new king


Handel’s best-known orchestral suites are his Water Music and Messiah. True False


Technology played a crucial role in the development of music in the Baroque era. True False


The Baroque suite typically consists of a group of dances in contrasting keys. True False


The strings of Baroque violin were made out of wrapped steel. True False


Which of the following genres consists of a group of dance movements, usually in the same key? Suite Cantata Ritornello Da capo aria


Which of the following is NOT a standard dance in a Baroque suite? Allemande Sarabande Tango Courante


Which of the following is a movement from the Suite in D Major from Handel’s Water Music? Gavotte Courante Lento Minuet

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