Music Chapter 19

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Instrumental music in the Renaissance was performed strictly with no embellishment of the notated music. True False


Musical instruments in the Renaissance were categorized by the amount of sound they produced. True False


Prior to the medieval era, instrumental music was largely an oral tradition. True False


Renaissance instruments that were appropriate for indoor performances were categorized as _____. bas haut woodwinds strings


Specific instruments to be used were often identified in the musical scores for Renaissance dance music. True False


The Susato dances are examples of which kind of instrumental dance? Galliard Pavane Ronde Gigue


The members of the esteemed Antwerp city band were expert improvisers. True False

– a music publisher
– a composer
– an instrumentalist

Tielman Susato was well known for his work as a _____.


Which instrument heard in Susato’s Three Dances is a cross between a woodwind instrument with fingerholes and a brass instrument with a mouthpiece? Shawm Cornetto Tabor Rebec


Which of the following dance forms is found in sixteenth-century publications? Merengue Saltarello Quickstep

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