Music Chapter 10

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the strings are plucked

A pizzicato effect is created on a string instrument when _____. the strings are bowed the strings are plucked the finger slides along the string


Keyboard instruments are not easily classified into one of the four Western families. True False


Percussion instruments are considered "pitched" or "unpitched." True False


The "heart" of the orchestra is the _____ section. percussion brass string


The English horn belongs to the brass family. True False


The bowed string instrument with the highest range is the _____. violin viola cello double bass


The term arpeggio, meaning "broken chord," is derived from the name of what instrument? Guitar Harp Double bass


The timpani are percussion instruments with indefinite pitch. True False


There are four "families" of Western instruments. True False


Which brass instrument has a movable slide? Trombone Trumpet Tuba

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