Music Appreciation Unit 4

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What was a tupe of wheel fiddle?


What was Ottaviano Petrucci known for?

Printed the first significant collection of polyphonic music

A sagbut was a type of cello


What was a characteristic of Palestrina’s compositions?

Dissonance was played on the weak beat

Which composer was known for his instrumental consort compositions?


One of the reasons why the chorale gained such a foothold was that the printing press allowed for hymn books to be published


A madrigal proper was through-composed


The shawm was perhaps the most popular double reed instrument of the Renaissance period


Early renaissance music was much more complex, more fragmented, and more dissonant than that of the Middle Ages


Chorales were used primarily in what setting?

Protestant services

Very few composers produced sacred music during the Renaissance


Dufay was best known for his consort complications


A piece of music where one part echoes or imitates another part is known as what?


The Renaissance period in general was considered a time of rebirth in the arts and culture


What means "the movement of different voices against one another" in Latin?


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