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instrument heard


A cadential point brings the musical phrase to a resting point, which may or may not be followed by a pause.

example c

The term timbre refers to the different sound sources used in a composition.


Which of the following excerpts from See Here the Conqu’ring Hero Comes uses loud dynamics?

Example A

Dynamic variety refers to the use of different sound sources.

False, refers to different volumes

Two of the most obvious musical elements that composers use to achieve variety are dynamics and timbre.


Handel uses different combinations of dynamics and timbre to achieve unity and variety in See Here the Conqu’ring Hero Comes.

Which of the following two excerpts combines more instruments and louder dynamics?

Example A

Handel uses different combinations of dynamics and timbre to achieve unity and variety in See Here the Conqu’ring Hero Comes.

Which of the following excerpts combines ensemble playing and soft dynamics?

Example B

Listen to the following excerpts of Idea A from G. F. Handel’s See Here the Conqu’ring Hero Comes.

Which one is played by a solo instrument?

Example B

Unity alone sustains interest and appeals to our need and enjoyment of the new, different, and unexpected.

False; unity is for familiarity and variety for interest and unexpected

The following is an example of solo performer

False; can hear wind and string

The following features instrumental, string, vocal, or percussion?

vocal, sounds like opera

The following features a musical ensemble

False, solo piano

The performer acts as a bridge between the composer and the listener.


Interpretation is one of the composer’s most important tasks.

False, performer is interpreter

The following excerpt features a musical ensemble


Deep River is an example of Jazz

False; spiritual piece

The following features a solo performer

True: quick paced solo piano

According to Booker T. Washington, plantation songs have nothing to do with religious fervor.


Great performers possess outstanding technique but may not have deep musical understanding.

False; technique and understanding

A referential listener is a person that relates to music mainly through extra-musical connections or associations.


Referential listeners are most common types of listeners

False; casual are

Music not associated with particular story, image, object, or event is called


Musical themes cannot represent real or fictional charecters

false; for example Symphonia Fantastique

This is a short excerpt from J.S. Bach’s Air from the Suite No. 3 in D major. Listening to that excerpt, a casual listener would be more inclined to do which of the following?

enjoy music as background

The critical listener combines the characteristics of all types of listeners.

false; that’s perspective listener

The casual listener regards music mainly as a mood enhancer or as a pleasant part of the environment.


Perceptive listeners are mainly concerned with judging the quality of the performance of a piece of music.

False; perceptive listeners combine all 3 charecteristics and is not limited to any 1

Music that follows an explicit story is often called program music.


Which of the following is NOT true of the perceptive listener?

The perceptive listener describes music using vocabulary such as "mellow" and "upbeat"

Which of the following excerpts was used in the text as an illustration of program music?

Excerpt B was used in the text to illustrate program music. Listen to how the music tells a story with a quick tempo, interesting instrumentation and a skipping elf-like rhythm at the beginning.

Jazz incorporates elements of folk music.

true;Jazz predecessors include, among others, plantation songs, spirituals, and river boat music.

Art music is superior to folk or popular music


According to the text, all critics agree that jazz is a subcategory of art music.

false, cannot agree

Composers of art music create works that are passed on from generation to generation by listening, remembering, and imitating.

False, that would me folk- no written documents or music scores

Folk music belongs to the community even though it may have been created by individual


According to the text, Folk music, jazz music, and art music are not mutually exclusive genres.


In jazz, performers have wide, creative freedom, even when they are playing from a score.


According to the text, it is a simple task to define the category of folk music.

False; rich, varied, and complicated

Art music has traditionally been created by trained professional musicians.


A piece of folk music typically remains unchanged throughout the years.


Which of the following excerpts is an example of folk music?

Excerpt A; drum african music

Which of the following excerpts is an example of jazz?

Excerpt B; wind instruments

Which of the following excerpts is an example of art music?

Excerpt B- sounds like mozart or somethin

According to the text, the folk song Dark Eyes reflects the Romanian national character.

False, Russian character not Romanian

Which of the following most likely contains an improvised solo?

Excerpt C; Jazz solo


short melodic and rhythmic patterns

short segments played by piano alone


A rest symbol indicates:

period of silence

In the Western music tradition, a note symbol (i.e., its shape) indicates both duration and pitch.

False, only duration

Time values are expressed in absolute terms

False; only relative terms

A notes duration is indicated by

whether note head is filled in or not and # of flags on stem

Text states that________ is essential element in music


in western tradition, note symbol indicates pitch

false, indicates duration not pitch pitch is by notehead on specific line or space on staff

Just as there are quarter notes, there are quarter rests


Which of the two following statements is true?

Time values in music are expressed in absolute terms.

Time values in music are expressed in relative terms.

Time values in music are expressed in relative terms.

Value of a ___ note serves as basis for relative value of all other notes

whole note

IN western tradition, sound is represented in written form through musical _____


The frequency of the lowest sound that the normal human ear can perceive ranges between 16 and 20 Hertz.


A long string, if plucked really hard, will vibrate faster and thereby produce a higher pitch than a shorter string.

False; Regardless of how hard we pluck it, a long string will always vibrate at a slower frequency than a shorter one and, therefore, will produce a lower pitch.

The audible frequency spectrum in humans ranges between:

16 and 20,000 hertz

The following excerpt from Pictures at an Exhibition features low pitches.


Vibration may be represented in terms of frequency. The basic unit of frequency is called the Hertz. What does one Hertz represent?

one cycle per second

Which of the following excerpts suggests increasing tension in the music?

excerpt B suggests an increase in tension brought about through the increasing rise in pitch

It is very important to recognize that pitch is a relative concept.


In musical notation, pitch is indicated exclusively by:

The position of notes on the lines and spaces of the staff

Each line and space on the staff represents a different:


The collection of parallel lines and spaces on which notes are written is called notation.

false; that would be staff

The staff is a system of:

5 lines and 4 spaces

In the Western music tradition, a note symbol (i.e., its shape) indicates duration


A note at the bottom of the staff has a higher pitch than a note at the top of the staff.


The black key to the right of the A on this keyboard can be called A sharp or B


The name of the white key in between the group of two black keys on the keyboard is:


If you take any pitch on the keyboard, the next occurrence of the same letter name going towards the right (up) will vibrate:

twice as fast

The interval between any two adjacent C’s on the keyboard is called a/an


We refer to specific pitches or tones with letter names using the letters A through G


The black key to the right of G is called G

G Sharp

The key indicated by the arrow above is correctly labeled.

false, F sharp or G flat

If the frequency of the C in the middle is 256 Hz, the corresponding frequencies on either side of that C are

512 Hz on the one to the right, and 128 Hz on the one to the left

The pitch letter names correspond to:

the white keys on a piano

When keys that correspond to consecutive letter names are played sequentially they create a


Which of the following is a true statement?

Octave is name of particular interval size

The distance between two pitches is called a/an


The two notes of an octave sound exactly the same due to the simple relationship of their frequencies

false; similar not same

The distance between D and A (above that D) is a:


Ascending and descending intervals are calculated:

exactly the same

Percussion players produce more or less volume by changing bow pressure and speed.

False; they don’t use a bow

The volume of this excerpt is an example of crescendo.

False; volume is constant

Aside from Carmina Burana (1937), Carl Orff is widely known for:

His work in music education

Volume of Beethovens Pastoral Symphony is decrescendo

true; becomes softer

Musical excerpt is an example of piano volume

False; This excerpt from Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude is an example of forte volume

Music excerpt is an example of forte

true; This excerpt from Antonin Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance No. 8 is an example of forte.

This volume excerpt is an example of

crescendo; louder

A pianist’s skill in manipulating volume is usually referred to as the performer’s____


Despite being a great composer, Richard Wagner did not succeed in creating great operas.

false; one of most imp opera composers

For the most part, pianists and harpsichordists don’t have direct contact with the strings of their instruments. Therefore, they manipulate sound through a ____mechanism.

keyboard mechanism attached to a hammer (piano) or plectrum (harpsichord) that strikes or plucks the strings.

Which of the following factors that influence dynamic change is at work in the following example?


As a musical concept, dynamics covers only the overall loudness or softness of a piece of music.

false; also gradual volume changes

The volume of this excerpt is an example of which of the following


volume of this excerpt is loud


Which of the following two excerpts uses soft dynamics?

excerpt B; beethovens moonlight sonata

volume and dynamic are interchangeable terms


Composers started marking their scores with instructions about dynamic

well into 17th C

composers starterd writing dynamic markings in scores bc

new instruments allowed for more dynamic ranges and contrast

instrument played in this excerpt

chordophone; guitar

instrument played with flute


instrument played : synthesizer


According to the classification of instruments by sound source, the one in this example is a/an:

cello: chordophone

The electric guitar can be considered as both a chordophone and a/an:


snare drum


traditional drum set. According to instrument classification by sound source, which of the following groups are represented here?

idiophones and membranophones

Timbre is often referred to as _________ color.


Listen to this excerpt from Midsummer Night’s Dream. Which instrument classification is represented?


instrument playing: tapping of chutes


range most prominent from Listen to these two excerpts from Carmina Burana

excerpt B soprano

super deep male


super high female


The song Dark Eyes is sung by a choir without instrumental accompaniment. This type of vocal group is called:

A cappella choir

soprano register lies between alto and tenor ranges

false;soprano is highest female range

High male voice


The aria Lucevan le Stelle is from the opera Gianni Schicci by Giacomo Puccini

false; from opera tosca

The English madrigal is characterized by:

intensity and intimacy of choral writing

The aria Lucevan le Stelle is composed for a/an:


The Entry Chorus from Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi is sung by a chamber choir.


triumph music

by brass

sole function of conductor is beat time


viola players sit

dead center front

Listen to the following excerpt from Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

string family

Which of the following is not a decision about interpretation that the conductor of a symphony orchestra makes?

whether to use modern or old fashioned baton

Listen to the following excerpt from Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

french horns

What is NOT the role of the conductor in a traditional symphony orchestra?

make sure when approporiate, players improvise parts correctly

According to the text, traditional symphony orchestra musicans are permited to improvise their parts


A traditional symphony orchestra can sometimes have more than 100 players.


What do you call a piece of music where a violin soloist plays with an orchestra?

violin concerto

The text states that guitars are strummed or __________.


Which of the following is NOT a way to produce sound in string instruments?


The harp may be a part-time fifth member of the orchestral strings.


which instrument carries melody


____ is an instrumental technique that, in the case of string players, consists of a quick back and forth movement or rocking of the finger that is in contact with the string, with the intent of producing a fluctuation in pitch.


The main orchestral string instruments are:

Violin, viola, cello, and double bass

The sound of string instruments is produced by a _______ stretched between two points.


How does a violinist control dynamics?

By applying more or less bow pressure and speed on the strings

Listen to this excerpt from Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.


Which string instrument is featured in this excerpt from Paganini’s 24 Caprices?


In Prokofiev’s: "Peter and the Wolf", which instruments represents the Peter?


The French technical term for "mouthpiece" is la bouche.

false; embouchure

The energy with which a player produces the air stream determines __________.


The four main orchestral woodwind instruments are:

flute, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon

Identify the woodwind instrument in this excerpt by the contemporary composer Aulis Sallinen.


Which woodwind instrument is featured in the following excerpt from Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf?


Identify the single reed instrument:



Identify the correct pair of double reed instruments:

oboe, bassoon

Which woodwind instrument plays along with the strings in this Mozart excerpt?




Which woodwind instrument is the soloist playing in this example?


Listen to this excerpt by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.


In Prokofiev’s: "Peter and the Wolf", which instrument represents the "duck"?


In Prokofiev’s: "Peter and the Wolf", which instrument represents the "grandfather"?


In Prokofiev’s: "Peter and the Wolf", which instrument represents the "cat"?


In wind instruments, sound is produced by setting a column of air in motion inside the body of the instrument.


Which instrument, along with the orchestra, plays this example?


This example comes from a concerto for __________ and orchestra.


The four most common brass instruments in the traditional symphony orchestra are:

trombone, trumpet, horn, and tuba


Which instrument of the brass family plays the melody in this example?



Which brass instrument plays the melody in this example?


Listen to the following excerpt from Sergei Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 6. There is a dialogue between a high-sounding part and a low one.


Which of the following is a member of the brass family?

brass trombone

The name trombone is derived from the Italian term for trumpet.


Listen to this excerpt from Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man.


Which of the following factors contribute to brass instruments having a "brassy" timbre?

all the above

In brass instruments, pitch depends on the ______of the air column.


This example comes from a concerto for __________ and orchestra.


french horn


Castanets are non-pitched instruments.

true; idiophones under concussion group


Which of the following instruments does NOT belong in the definite pitch group:


Scholars have been able to determine the origin of the xylophone with absolute certainty.


Percussion instruments where two similar objects are clapped together to produce a sound can be further classified under the ____ group.


Which of the following instruments does NOT belong in the indefinite pitch group?

timpani; can be tuned

Kettledrum is another name for timpani.



digital drums

Listen to this excerpt from Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss.

timpani/kettle drums

The synthesizer is a very easy instrument to categorize.


Keyboard instruments are sometimes part of the orchestra.


The term concerto refers to a performer playing by her/himself.

false; soloist plus orchestra

The type of music event where a soloist plays by her/himself is called a __________.


Construction and sound production are the same among keyboard instruments.


The term controller refers to:

The device used to select pitch in an electronic instrument

The first known instance of a harpsichord dates from:


When a harpsichordist depresses a key, a simple mechanism causes a __________ to __________ a string.


Upon its invention, the fortepiano eclipsed the popularity of the harpsichord:

for next 200 years

All harpsichords use one string per key to produce sound.

false; not all built same

The harpsichord was used as an accompanying instrument in opera only in the 16th century.

false; in 16th, 17th, and 18th C It was used in chamber and orchestral music, and also in opera.

There are___keys in a full size piano keyboard.


When performing, pianists are in direct contact with the source of the sound.


The upright piano was first developed in:

Philly, US

The one-piece cast-iron frame, a crucial development in the history of the piano, was invented by:

Alpheus Babcock of Boston, USA in 1825

The pedals are a crucial component of the piano. The function of the soft pedal is to reduce the amount and quality of the sound. On an upright piano, the soft pedal:

moves hammer closer to strings

In the organ, volume is determined by:

wind pressure

The organ is a ____________instrument, whose tone is produced by wind flowing through ____________.

keyboard, pipes

The function of the organ’s stops is to:

control flow of air to pipes

The first organ used water to control wind pressure.

true; hydraulos

In the organ, pipe length determines:


function of amplifier

amplifies loudness

The synthesizer has virtually no standard repertoire.


Identify the false statement:

Synthesizers have always had a well-established presence in standard ensembles.

The sound source of a the synthesizer is an oscillator.


Since the synthesizer is an electronic instrument, oscillation is not a factor in sound generation.


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