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To create fresh sounds, twentieth-century composers used

all answers are correct (scales borrowed from nonwestern cultures, scales they themselves invented, ancient church modes)

Which of the following ballets is not from Stravinsky’s Russian period?


John Adams’s Short Ride in a Fast Machine is scored for a

large symphonic orchestra and two synthesizers

The musical loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is

West Side Story

After serving in the navy and a brief return to studies at Oberlin College, William Grant Still moved to New York where he ______.

made band arrangements and played in the orchestras of all-black musical shows

In music, the early twentieth century was a time of ______.

revolt and change

In order to "drown the sense of tonality," Debussy did what?

All answers are correct.

George Gershwin grew up in

New York, New York

Twelve-tone compositional techniques used to organize rhythm, dynamics, tone color, and other dimensions of music to produce totally controlled and organized music are called ______.


Debussy’s music tends to ______.

sound free and almost improvisational

Schoenberg developed an unusual style of vocal performance, halfway between speaking and singing, called ______.


Impressionist painters were primarily concerned with the effect of light, color, and ______.


The most important impressionist composer was ______.

Claude Debussy

Sergei Diaghilev was a famous ______.

ballet impresario

Expressionism as an artistic movement was largely centered in ______.

Germany and Austria

The last movement of Ginastera’s Estancia Suite, titled "Final Dance: Malambo", makes use of an ________ form.


Ginastera’s Estancia Suite was originally conceived as an ______.


West Side Story contains _______.

an unprecedented fusion of song and drama with electrifying violent choreography

All of the following painters may be considered part of the expressionist movement except _______.

Claude Monet

Since 1950 many composers have returned to ______.

tonal music

Which of the following is not characteristic of neoclassicism?

misty atmosphere

Schoenberg’s third period, in which he developed the twelve-tone system, began around ______.


Igor Stravinsky studied composition with ______.

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

The score for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was composed by _______.

John Williams

Radio broadcasts of live and recorded music began to reach large audiences during the ______.


In modern music ______.

All answers are correct. (instruments are played at the very top or bottom of their ranges, uncommon playing techniques have become normal, noiselike and percussive sounds are often used)

The combination of two traditional chords sounding together is known as ______.

a polychord

When did the first pairing of music and film take place?


Many of Debussy’s songs are set to poems by the symbolist poet ______.

Paul Verlaine

The use of different musical styles or techniques in a composition is known as ______.


The absence of key or tonality in a musical composition is known as ______.


William Grant Still _______.

studied medicine at Wilberforce University, but he played the violin and eventually pursued music

The poem that inspired the Prelude to "The Afternoon of a Faun" was written by ______.

Stéphane Mallarmé

Which of the following statements is not true?

Composers in the early twentieth century drew inspiration only from serious art music and their own intellect, ignoring popular and folk music.

Movie soundtracks can contain _______.

original music and previously existing compositions

Composer John Adams believes that today’s composers can draw from ______.

a wide variety of styles and periods

Expressionism grew out of the same intellectual climate as Freud’s studies of _______.

hysteria and the unconscious

Which of the following composers was not stimulated by the folklore of his native land?

Anton Webern

Putnam’s Camp, Redding, Connecticut, illustrates Charles Ives’s technique of quoting snatches of familiar tunes by presenting fragments of _______.

Yankee Doodle

A _________ is a type of theater that fuses a dramatic script, acting, and spoken dialogue with music, singing, and dancing.

musical comedy

Charles Ives’s large and varied output includes works in many genres, but not _______.


The neoclassical movement in music roughly encompassed the years ______.


A great twentieth-century composer who was also a leading scholar of the folk music of his native land was ______.

Béla Bartók

Which of the following works was not composed by Aaron Copland?

An American in Paris

Which of the following statements is not true about Kaija Saariaho’s opera, L’amour de loin (Love from Afar)?

The opera does not have a plot. It focuses on the emotions of love instead.

The first significant atonal pieces were composed around 1908 by ______.

Arnold Schoenberg

William Grant Still’s works in African American style, such as his Afro-American Symphony of 1931, were _______.

performed to critical acclaim in New York

Twentieth-century musical expressionism grew out of the emotional turbulence in the works of late romantics such as ______.

All answers are correct.

Many composers since the mid-1960s have made extensive use of quotations from earlier music as an attempt to do what?

Improve communication between the composer and the listener

Putnam’s Camp, Redding, Connecticut, is a movement from Charles Ives’s ______.

Three Places in New England

Using all twelve tones without regard to their traditional relationship to major or minor scales, avoiding traditional chord progressions, is known as ______.


The deliberate evocation of primitive power through insistent rhythms and percussive sounds is known as _______.


The text of A Survivor from Warsaw _______.

All answers are correct.

Since the 1960’s most film music is composed by _______.

freelance composers

Leonard Bernstein was influenced, particularly in his ballets, by _______.

Stravinsky and Copland

Which of the following statements is true about the 2002 film, Hero?

All of the answers are correct.

The composer, conductor, and pianist who began his spectacular career as substitute conductor of the New York Philharmonic on only a few hours’ notice was _______.

Leonard Bernstein

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, the ballet used in the climax of On Your Toes, was choreographed by _______.

George Balanchine

Which of the following is not true about Inura?

It was composed by Astor Piazzolla.

George Gershwin usually collaborated with the lyricist ______.

Ira Gershwin

In twentieth-century music ______.

All answers are correct.

Charles Ives’s father was a(n) ______.


In which of the following areas did Debussy not create masterpieces?


Intervals smaller than the half step are called ______.


The term impressionist derived from a critic’s derogatory reaction to Impression: Sunrise, a painting by ______.

Claude Monet

In addition to his composing, Astor Piazzolla was known for playing the ______.


The melodies Béla Bartók used in most of his works are _______.

original themes that have a folk flavor

Impressionism in music is characterized by _______.

a stress on tone color, atmosphere, and fluidity

The flowering of African American culture called the "Harlem Renaissance" spanned the years ______.


Minimalism as an artistic movement was a ______.

reaction against the complexity of serialism and the randomness of chance music

Which of the following illustrates the use of leitmotif in a film?

The ostinatos featured in Vertigo

Alberto Ginastera, one of the most prominent Latin-American composers of the 20th century, was born in


Minimalist music grew out of the same intellectual climate as minimalist art, which features ______.

simple forms, clarity, and understatement

Richard Strauss’s operas Salome and Elektra were known for their ______.

chromatic and dissonant music

Putnam’s Camp, Redding, Connecticut, is a child’s impression of _______.

a Fourth of July picnic

Stravinsky’s second phase is generally known as ______.


Up until the early twentieth century, ______ were the favorite instrumental organizations in America.


William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan were the writers of _______.

The Mikado

Which is an example of aleatoric music?

John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape No. 4 for twelve radios

After graduating from Yale, Charles Ives _______.

went into the insurance business

Neoclassical composers modeled many of their works after the compositions of ______.

Johann Sebastian Bach

The use of two or more contrasting and independent rhythms at the same time is known as ______.


Which of the following characteristics is not true of minimalist music?

A fast rate of change

During most of his lifetime, Charles Ives’s musical compositions _______.

accumulated in the barn of his Connecticut farm

"Harlem Renaissance" was the name ______.

sometimes given to a flowering of African American culture during the years 1917-1935

Why did composers begin to shift from tonality to the twelve-tone system?

They discovered it was a compositional technique rather than a special musical style.

When Schoenberg arrived in the United States after the Nazis seized power in Germany, he obtained a teaching position at ______.


The operas of Richard Strauss use chromaticism and dissonance to depict ______.

perversion and murder

A major composer associated with the serialist movement is _

Milton Babbitt

Which of the following is not a movement in City Scape?

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

A piano is often used in twentieth-century orchestral music to ______.

add a percussive edge

During World War I (1914-1918), the Metropolitan Opera in New York would not ______.

perform German operas in the 1917-1918 season

Neoclassical composers favored ______.

clear polyphonic textures

A dramatic turning point in Debussy’s career came in 1902 when ______.

his opera Pelléas et Mélisande was premiered

The technique of using two or more tonal centers at the same time is called ______.


The Gershwin song that became a tremendous hit in 1920 was ______.


The twelve-tone composer whose style was most imitated in the 1950s and 1960s was ______.

Anton Webern

Porgy and Bess is a(n) ______.


Alberto Ginastera’s Estancia Suite uses a large orchestra and is in ________ movements.


When viewed closely, impressionist paintings are made up of ______.

tiny colored patches

Stravinsky’s life took a sudden turn in 1909, when he met the director of the Russian Ballet, ______.

Sergei Diaghilev

Which of the following terms is not used to describe the special ordering of the twelve chromatic tones in twelve-tone composition?


Around 1940, John Cage invented the prepared piano, a(n) ______.

grand piano whose sound is altered by objects such as bolts, screws, rubber bands, pieces of felt, paper, and plastic inserted between the strings of some of the keys

In 1945 Ginastera moved to the United States where he had the opportunity to study with the well known American composer ______.

Aaron Copland

Which of the following statements concerning neoclassicism is not true?

Neoclassical composers reacted against twentieth-century harmonies and rhythms, and preferred to revive old forms and styles exactly as they were.

Impressionist painting and symbolist poetry as artistic movements originated in ______.


Composers in the twentieth century drew inspiration from ______.

All answers are correct.

Which of the following is not primarily known as a minimalist composer?

George Crumb

In 1925, and for a few years afterward, Copland’s music showed the influence of ______.


The dramatic importance of dance throughout West Side Story is illustrated through Bernstein’s frequent use of _______.

instrumental interludes intended only for dancing

City Scape is a work for orchestra composed by ______.

Jennifer Higdon

Expressionism is an art concerned with ______.

social protest

In West Side Story the song "America" is given a Hispanic flavor with the use of alternations between _______.

6/8 and 3/4 meter

________ gained international fame for his film score of Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), which earned him an Oscar and Grammy in 2001.

Tan Dun

Which of the following compositions is not by Charles Ives?

An American in Paris

In chance, or aleatory music, what does the composer do?

Chooses pitches, tone colors, and rhythms by random methods

Charles Ives’s music contains elements of _______.

All answers are correct.

The impressionist painters were particularly obsessed with portraying ______.


What is Kaija Saariaho’s opera, L’amour de loin (Love from Afar) about?

Prince Jaufré Rudel of Blaye, a twelfth-century troubadour

Béla Bartók’s principal performing medium was ______.

the piano

While not rejecting any influence, Béla Bartók emphasized that the strongest influence on his music was _______.


Who was the leading American composer and conductor of band music?

John Philip Sousa

The immense success of Stravinsky’s 1910 ballet ________ established him as a leading young composer.

The Firebird

Expressionist painters, writers, and composers used ______________ to assault and shock their audience.

deliberate distortions

While remaining within the framework of a tonal center, Béla Bartók often used _________ in his music.

All of these (tone clusters, polychords, harsh dissonances)

Leonard Bernstein was a well-known _______.

All answers are correct.

Which of the following compositions was not composed by John Adams?

Einstein on the Beach

Since World War II, musical styles have ______.

taken many new directions and changes

One of the most important teachers of musical composition in the twentieth century was ______.

Nadia Boulanger

In 1921 Copland went to France, where he was the first American to study composition with ______.

Nadia Boulanger

From 1907 to 1934 Béla Bartók taught __________ at his alma mater, and gave recitals throughout Europe.


Which of the following statements is not true?

Expressionist artists favored pleasant subjects, delicate pastel colors, and shimmering surfaces.

Schoenberg acquired his profound knowledge of music by ______.

All answers are correct.

One of Ginastera’s early works, Estancia Suite, is ________.

nationalistic and uses Argentinean folk material, including popular dances

Which of the following statements about Astor Piazzolla is true?

All answers are correct.

Schoenberg’s teacher was ______.


Aaron Copland was born in ______.

Brooklyn, New York

Minimalist music is characterized by ______.

a steady pulse, clear tonality, and insistent repetition of short melodic patterns

Stravinsky’s enormous influence on twentieth-century music is due to his innovations in ______.

All answers are correct.

Composers who have returned to the use of tonality have been called ______.

"new Romantics"

A scale made up of six different notes each a whole step away from the next is called a ________ scale.


Ionisation, the first important work for percussion ensemble, was composed by ______.

Edgard Varèse

Each movement of William Grant Still’s Afro-American Symphony is prefaced by lines from a poem by

Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Aaron Copland’s name has become synonymous with American music because of his use of ______.

All answers are correct.

The glissando, a technique widely used in the twentieth century, is ______.

a rapid slide up or down a scale

Which of the following is not an alternative to the traditional organization of pitch used by twentieth-century composers?

Tonic-dominant harmonies

Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) is an example of ______.


In the words of the composer, "City Scape is a metropolitan sound picture written in orchestral tones" that was inspired by the city of ______.


Which of the following statements is not true?

The impressionist painters were particularly obsessed with portraying scenes of ancient French glories.

One of the immediate predecessors of expressionism was the composer _______.

Richard Strauss

An example of Copland’s use of serialist technique is _______.

Connotations for Orchestra

The first opera created for television was Gian Carlo Menotti’s ______.

Amahl and the Night Visitors

Which of the following musicals is not by Leonard Bernstein?


Béla Bartók evolved a completely individual style that fused folk elements with _______.

All answers are correct.

Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is scored for ______.

an enormous orchestra

As a result of his studies in composition with composers from two opposing musical camps, the conservative George Whitefield Chadwick and the modernist Edgard Varèse, Still did what?

Turned away from avant-garde styles and wrote compositions with a uniquely African American flavor

In West Side Story the introduction to "America" is based on a type of Puerto Rican song and dance music known as _______.


Expressionist composers _______.

avoided tonality and traditional chord progressions

Why did twentieth-century composers incorporate elements of folk and popular music within their personal styles?

They were attracted to the unconventional rhythms, sounds, and melodic patterns.

The painter who designed the sets for Stravinsky’s Pulcinella, and who went through a phase that showed the influence of ancient Greek art, was ______.

Pablo Picasso

All of the following are major developments in music since 1950 except the ______.

continued composition of symphonies in the classical style

The ordering of the twelve chromatic tones in a twelve-tone composition is called a ______.

All answers are correct.

During the period from about 1920 to 1951, Stravinsky drew inspiration largely from ______.

eighteenth-century music

Which of the following musicals is not by George Gershwin?

Anything Goes

Neoclassicism was a reaction against _______.

romanticism and impressionism

Appalachian Spring originated as a ballet score for the great modern dancer and choreographer _______.

Martha Graham

William Grant Still’s Afro-American Symphony ______.

uses a blues theme in the first movement which reappears as a unifying thread in various transformations in the three later movements

The Latin atmosphere heard in "America" from West Side Story is achieved through the use of such South American instruments as _______.

claves, guiro, and guitar

A fourth chord is ______.

a chord in which the tones are a fourth apart, instead of a third

The faun evoked in Debussy’s famous composition is a ______.

creature who is half man, half goat

In West Side Story, the two star-crossed lovers are _______.

Tony and Maria

Serialism is a compositional technique in which _______.

a series of rhythms, dynamics, or tone colors could serve as a unifying idea

A chord made of tones only a half step or a whole step apart is known as ______.

a tone cluster

In 2009, Eric Whitacre’s music was heard by millions of people, who could watch and listen through his ______.

Internet Virtual Choir project

Béla Bartók’s ______________ are widely thought to be the finest since those of Ludwig van Beethoven.

string quartets

The expressionist movement in music and art flourished in the years ______.


Which of the following is not considered a symbolist poet?

Auguste Renoir

Copland depicted "Scenes of daily activity for the Bride and her Farmer-husband" in Appalachian Spring through _______.

five variations on the Shaker melody Simple Gifts

Some of the composers who contributed to the creation of the golden era of American musical theater were ______.

George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and Frank Loesser

A motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same pitch throughout a section is called ______.


To what does ostinato refer?

A motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same pitch throughout a section

In addition to his famous musicals, Leonard Bernstein also wrote successful _______.

All answers are correct

Debussy’s opera Pelléas et Mélisande is an almost word-for-word setting of the symbolist play by ______.

Maurice Maeterlinck

The most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris in 1913 at the first performance of ______.

Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring

A golden era of American musical theater was created from about _______.


All of the following composers worked in the early years of the twentieth century except ______.

Hector Berlioz

The idea of musical themes for characters (leitmotifs) was developed by which nineteenth-century composer?


In 1925, after Copland returned from France, American music meant ______.


Edgard Varèse’s Poème électronique ______.

All answers are correct.

Which of the following statements is not true?

Twentieth-century music follows the same general principles of musical structure as earlier periods.

The twentieth-century artistic movement that stressed intense, subjective emotion was called ______.


Antonin Dvořák predicted in the late nineteenth century that the foundation for American music would come from _______.

African American and Native American melodies

John Williams composed the score for which of the following films?

All answers are correct.

Which of the following characteristics is not usually associated with impressionism?

Clearly delineated forms

In electronic music, there is no need for ______.


The expressionists rejected _______.

conventional prettiness

The lyrics for West Side Story were written by _______.

Stephen Sondheim

Eric Whitacre’s choral music often does what?

Alternates consonant chords with sweetly dissonant tone clusters

Gershwin left high school at the age of fifteen to ______.

become a pianist demonstrating new songs in a publisher’s salesroom

Béla Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra _______.

All answers are correct.

As a composer, William Grant Still ______.

wrote film scores, concert works, operas, and band arrangements

Neoclassical compositions are characterized by ______.

forms and stylistic features of earlier periods

In the 1950s Stravinsky dramatically changed his style, drawing inspiration from ______.

Anton Webern

Appalachian Spring originated as a _______.

ballet score

A Survivor from Warsaw used three languages: English, German, and _______.


William Grant Still’s opera dealing with the Haitian slave rebellion is _______.

Troubled Island

All of the following are proponents of serialism except ______.

John Cage

The famous riot in 1913 was caused by the first performance of Stravinsky’s ballet ______.

The Rite of Spring

In addition to his compositions, Copland made valuable contributions to music in America by ______.

All answers are correct.

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