Music Appreciation – 4. Classical

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Who were two of the more important preclassical composers?

C.P.E. and J.C. Bach

During the classical period, what was serious composition flavored by?

Folk and popular music

Know the characteristics of the music of the classical period?

Not polyphonic, contrast of mood, flexibility of rhythm

What texture in music was most often used?

Mostly Homophonic, but with frequent shifts.

Political and economic power shifted to the middle class from what two powers?

The aristocracy and church

In the exposition of a sonata form movement is the second theme in the tonic or a new key?

New key

What is a coda?

Rounds off a movement by repeating themes or developing them further. It always ends in the tonic key.

Which movement of a sonata-type composition is often patterned after a dance?


In varying the theme in a theme and variation form what element is usually not changed?


Outline of a rondo form


What is the usual order of movements in a classical symphony?

1st Fast—frequently Sonata form 2nd Slow—often Sonata form, sometimes Theme and Variations 3rd Dance—usually Minuet and Trio or scherzo (fast, dancelike) form 4th Fast—frequently Sonata or Rondo form

Which movement of a symphony is most often lyrical and slow?

2nd Slow

What is a concerto?

A classical concerto is a three-movement work for an instrumental soloist and orchestra

What was the favorite solo instrument that Mozart and Beethoven wrote concertos for?


Know the typical sequence of movements for a classical concerto.

Usually three movements: Fast—Slow—Fast (no Minuet movement)

How does the classical concerto differ from the symphony? Which movement does it not have?

Only 3 movements (symphony has 4) and has no 3rd movement (no minuet or scherzo)

What is a cadenza?

A special unaccompanied showpiece for the soloist

What is classical chamber music designed for?

The intimate setting of a room, rather than concert hall; it is lighter in sound than classical orchestral music

Was Haydn considered a skilled servant?


What Hungarian family did Haydn have a long and financially stable relationship with?


What did Mozart do between the ages of six and fifteen?

Continually on tour

Why did Mozart compose his Requiem?

Commision from a stranger

What are Mozart’s three masterpieces of Italian opera?

The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Cosi Fan Tutte

Know important facts of Beethoven’s life

Briliant pianist, self-educated, had read widely (קרא הרבה), but was weak in elementary arithmetic (חשבון יסודי), symptoms of deaf at 29

What is a piano sonata?

A musical composition in two or more movments

What are Beethoven’s late works that he composed after he was totally deaf?

Late piano sonatas, and string quartets, Missa Solemnis and the 9th symphony

Classicism, as a stylistic period in western art music, roughly encompassed what years?


The typical orchestra of the classical period consisted of what instruments?

• Strings: 1st & 2nd violins, violas, cellos, double bass • Woodwinds: @2 – flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons • Brass: @2 – French horns, trumpets • Percussion – 2 timpani!

In the classical period, serious composition was flavored by what?

Folk and popular music

The minuet is generally which movement of a classical symphony?


In many of Beethoven’s works, there is what type of movement instead of the minuet?


What type of musical composition is usually light in mood, and meant for evening entertainment?


What is the most important form of classical chamber music?

Is string quartet 2 violins, viola, and cello Four movements (Like Symphony) Usually Fast—Slow—Dance—Fast

Along with his symphonies, what is Haydn’s most important works?

68 string quartets

Mozart was born where?

Salzburg, Austria

Beethoven’s only opera is entitled what?


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