music 113 chapter 6

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James Brown’s musical style turned toward:


James Brown’s musical style turned toward:

tightly harmonized backup vocals the delayed backbeat instrumental introductions featuring horns loose and almost spontaneous vocalizing its "A"

By following the example of _________________________ with 1950s crossovers, Berry Gordy decided that original versions of Motown recordings should be acceptable to white audiences.

Brill building

After a number-one hit as a teenager, _________________________ began to self-produce his Motown albums and exert creative control over his music.

Stevie wonder

Which Stax artist died in a plane crash in 1967?

Otis Redding

Stevie Wonder’s first number-one hit on the pop and rhythm and blues chart was:

Fingertips pt. 2

All of the following are characteristics of Motown’s assimilation into white culture EXCEPT:

influence from gospel and blues

two members from Booker T. & the MG’s

booker t jones, steve cropper, lewis steinberg, and al jackson

The period 1964-1967 at Motown was dominated by which writing and production team?

William "Mickey" Stevenson and William "Smokey" Robinson

nickname for motown

hitsville usa

All of the following are musical features of James Brown’s "Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag, Pt. I" EXCEPT:

backup singers doing doo woop

ames Brown’s musical style turned toward

soul style

Where was Fame Studios located?

Muscle shoals, Alabama

mowtown was located in


Which artists were provided "on loan" to Stax studio by Jerry Wexler?

Sam and Dave

Aretha Franklin’s first record contract was with which label?

columbia records

The business partnership between Atlantic and Stax dissolved in part due to:

Atlantic actually owning the master tapes for Stax recordings under contract

Who were the founders of Stax Records

Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton

Aretha Franklin was know as the queen of what


In comparison to Atlantic/Stax, the musical style of Motown is often viewed as:

more pop oriented

Which member of the Supremes left the group in 1969 to focus on a solo career

Diana Ross

Many Stax recordings depended on their studio band called:

Booker T and the MGs

studio band for Motown

Funk brothers

last song the supremes recorded before Diana Ross left the group

Someday We’ll be together

hit song for the temptations

My Girl

cover version was recorded by Aretha Franklin


music producer who worked with Atlantic and Stax

Jerry Wexler

had hit duet songs with Tammi Terrell

Marvin Gaye

song writers from stax records

David Porter and Isaac Hayes

a group that worked with James Brown for a period of time

Fabulous flames

Originally, Martha Reeves was hired by Motown as a:


One of the cofounders of Atlantic Records was

Ahmet Ertegun

On the song "Baby Love," what was used to create the hand claplike sounds in the introduction?

slapping together 2 by4s

What was the purpose of the "quality control" meetings at Motown?

to hold a final test for each song, including its arrangement and recorded sound

Who was Cholly Atkins?

He was a choreographer who taught artists onstage movements and dance steps.

Which Stax song first used the rhythmic concept of the "delayed backbeat"?

In the midnight hour

Which Motown group showcased the high tenor voice of Eddie Kendricks?

The temptations

The Supremes had a string of hit songs written and produced by _


Otis Redding, supported by Booker T. & the MG’s, performed at the _________________________ in the spring of 1967.

Monterey Pop Festival

James Brown’s career began when he stood in for which musician?

Little Richard

Which singer performed lead vocals in the Four Tops

Levi Stubbs

What was the purpose of the Motown "charm school"?

teach the artist to move and speak with grace. and prepare his acts for the highest echelons of success in the music busineess

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