MUSI 2730 Chapter 6 Quiz

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A fragment of a theme that forms a melodic-rhythmic unit is called a


A performance practice based on the concept of a singing leader imitated by a chorus of followers is called

call and response

A principle of form that is based on repeated alterations of a given melody (which is still recognizable) is called


A short, repeated musical pattern used as a structural device is known as a(n)


Which form features a statement of an idea, a contrasting idea, then a repetition of the first idea?


Even when a performer improvises, the basic elements of repetition, contrast, and variation can be heard.


In musical forms ________ fixes the material in the listener’s mind and satisfies the need for the familiar.


In musical forms ________ stimulates our interest and feeds our desire for change.


In through-composed songs, music from previous stanzas is repeated.


Independent parts of a large-scale work (a symphony, for example) are called


Movements in a large-scale musical work can be compared to chapters in a novel.


Music that is made up spontaneously in performance is called improvised.


Ostinato is particularly prevalent in blues, rock, and rap.


The basic elements of form are

repetition, contrast, and variation

A _____ can be a building block in the construction of a musical work.


Themes are comprised of smaller units known as motives.


Varying the pitches, harmony, or rhythm of a theme is known as

thematic development

When a melodic idea is immediately restated at a lower or higher pitch level, this is known as

a sequence

Which form features a statement followed by a departure that ends the piece?


Which is true of strophic form?

the same melody is repeated with each stanza of text

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