Module 2 Test The Driver

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What are some of the characteristics of safe vs. "at risk" drivers?

D. Feeling optimistic and capable of handling driving situations

What is the first line of defense against a deadly collision?

Both A & C A. The ability to signal and change lanes properly C. Good knowledge of the area

When feeling ill, taking medication before driving __________.

C. Is dangerous for the driver and others because it slows reactions and the ability to make rapid corrective actions while driving

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be prevented by ____________.

A. Always making sure your car’s exhaust system is working properly and never leaving a car running in a garage

Driving while wearing headphones or headsets ____________.

C. Is against the law

What is an "at risk" driver?

C. A driver who is impatient with traffic, aggressive, and impulsive

Cars entering our field of vision from the side require the use of ___________.

A. Peripheral vision

What should you avoid while driving?

Both A and C A. Lack of courtesy for other drivers C. Poor decision making

To develop good eye habits, you should ___________.

B. Aim high, keep your eyes moving, and get the big picture

Gathering information with your eyes is called __________.

D. visual perception

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