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the solution that best solves the problem is selected

when evaluating the six step decision making process, what occurs during the solution selection step?

customer-facing processes: front-office processes
business-facing processes: back-office processes

What is the difference between customer-facing processes and business-facing processes?

automation, streamlining, reengineering

Changing business processes with MIS outlines how to improve the three levels of business processes, which include operational, managerial, and strategic. From operational to strategic, what are the three major improvement strategies that the author describes?

As-Is process model begins with what the process problem is; To-Be process model displays how the problem will be solved

What is the difference between the As-Is process model and the To-Be process model?

semistructured decisions

Chuck Norris has been hired to oversee all of the plans that the city of Denver has created to expand its train transportation system by adding six more lines to the metro area. Chuck will be responsible for planning the project, managing the processes, and finalizing each new line as it is completed. How would you categorize the majority of the decisions Chuck will have to make to complete his job?

The market being served makes a distinctive shift.
The company is following industry benchmarks on its core processes.
The company strategically passes or leapfrogs the competition on key decisions to regain competitive advantage.

examples that indicate when the time is right to initiate a business process change:


what is the process of learning from ecosystems and adapting their characteristics to human and organization situations?

unstructured long-term decisions

does not represent an example of analytical information:

developing overall business goals and objectives

not considered a part of decision making at the managerial level:

CSFs are business strategy elements; KPIs measure the process of the CSFs

CSFs and KPIs are the two core metrics used within a business to track progress or success. What is the relationship between CSFs and KPIs?

the problem is defined as clearly and precisely as possible

when evaluating the six step decision making process, what occurs during the problem identification step?

order to delivery process

which of the following processes focuses on the entire customer order process and operates across functional departments?

unstructured decisions

what types of business decisions would an EIS use AI for?

The Firefighter Robot that can extinguish flames at chemical plants
Shell Oil’s Smart Pump robot that pumps gas for the customer
a robot that cleans and sweeps at a local airport

which of the following is an example of an intelligent system?

benchmarks help assess how an MIS project performs over time
when measured against MIS projects, benchmarks can provide feedback so managers can control the system
benchmarks help to establish baseline values the system seeks to attain

benchmarks perform all of these

deciding to enter a new market

does not represent an example of a structured decision:


examples of a technology that actually disrupts and slows workflow:

usability, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, financial

the four common types of effectiveness MIS metrics

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