MIS (ch. 4,5,6)

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One of the disadvantages of proprietary software is that ______________.

it can take a long time and significant resources to develop the required software features

One advantage of proprietary software versus off-the-shelf software is that _____

the software provides a company a competitive advantage by solving problems in a unique manner

Kendra is taking a class in Finance and she has been asked to give a speech about a case study in which she’s been working. She wants to create a set of slides containing a summary of her study notes that she will project on a screen while she’s speaking. Which type of personal application software should she use to create her slides?

​presentation graphics

One of the advantages of off-the-shelf software is that ________________.

the initial cost is lower because the software firm can spread the development costs over many customers

All of the following are examples of someone using personal productivity software EXCEPT _________

​Callie entering a customer’s order into a restaurant’s ordering system

You cannot boot a computer from ____________.

a wireless network

_____ is an open-source operating system whose source code is freely available to everyone


New cars come with an onboard computer that controls anti-lock brakes, air bag deployment, fuel injection, etc. The software is known as ____

an embedded system

The _____ is the heart of the operating system and controls its most critical processes.


The use of middleware to connect disparate systems has evolved into an approach for developing software and systems called _____

service-oriented architecture

A database is a collection of integrated and related _____.


_____ is the term used to describe enormous and complex data collections that traditional data management software, hardware, and analysis processes are incapable of handling

Big data

Haley’s employer has asked her to review tens of thousands of social media posts about their company’s products and compile this data into a database.​ In terms of the characteristics of big data, Haley is dealing with ________.


A collection of fields all related to a single object, activity, or individual is a(n) _____.


Suppose you wish to find what tables are in a database, what fields they have, and how they are related you would review the _____


After entering data into a relational database, users can make all of the following basic data manipulations except:


To ensure reliability and integrity, SQL databases conform to four specific properties. Which of the following is NOT one of those four properties?


Starting from monthly sales data, if you wish to get weekly sales data, use the ___ feature.

drill down

With _____, the database is stored on a service provider’s server and accessed by the client over a network, typically the Internet.

Database as a Service

Kyle works for National Sporting Goods, where he manages critical data elements, such as identifying and acquiring new data sources, creating consistent reference data, and analyzing data for quality. Kyle is a _______.

data steward

_____ is a communication standard that enables computers to route communications traffic from one network to another as needed.

The Internet Protocol (IP)

The fiber-optic cables that span the globe over land and under sea make up the Internet _____.


_____ refers to a computing environment where software and storage are provided as an Internet service and accessed with a Web browser.

Cloud Computing

Java allows small programs, called _____, to be embedded with an Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document.


_____ is a very short-range wireless connectivity technology designed for consumer electronics, cell phones, and credit cards.

Near field communication (NFC)

The area covered by one or more interconnected wireless access points is commonly called a(n) _____.

hot spot

A _____ is a telecommunications network that connects users and their computers in a geographical area that spans a campus or a city.

metropolitan area network (MAN)

When you connect your computer to a printer using _____, the distance between them cannot be longer than 30 feet​.


Which of the following systems can help identify your geolocation​?


_____ is a good site to develop your professional network


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