Microscope Terms

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The main vertical section, supporting a microscope. This is to be held when you carry a microscope.


the bottom of microscope. It supports the scope while you carry it, as one hadn goes on the arm and the other is under the base when you carry the microscope.

Coarse Adjustment Knob

the control knob used to move the objective lens or stage up and down. The largest knob. CAN BE USED ONLY when first focusing.


the disc located under the stage that controls the amount of light entering the objective lens.

Eye Piece

the lens closest to the eye. Magnifies 10x

Field of View

area visible through the lens. When you change objectives, the field of view changes.

FIne Adjustment Knob

The control knob used to bring the specimen into sharp focus. Moves in very small increments. It is very sensitive.

High Power Objective

the lens with the greatest magnification.

Low Power Objective

the lens with the lowest magnification.


the number of times that a microscope image appears to be larger than the specimen. (10 x 10, 40 x 10, and 100 x 10)


the revolving device that holds the objective lenses.


the platform on which a slide is placed.

stage clips

clips that hold the slide in place.

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