microbiology Mastering Ch 6

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Which of the following classes of microorganisms would have an optimum growth rate at 62°C?


Aerobic bacteria that have developed (or retain) the ability to continue growing in the absence of molecular oxygen () are called:

facultative anaerobes.

Which of the following statements regarding biofilms is false?

Fortunately, biofilms are not an issue that impacts human health.

What results when a single bacterium reproduces?

Two genetically identical daughter cells

If you begin with six cells, how many cells would you have after three rounds of division?


Which of the following is NOT a step in bacterial cell division?

Disappearance of nuclear envelope

Which step of binary fission is the reason for genetically identical daughter cells?

Replication of the bacterial chromosome

What enables the copied chromosomes to separate during binary fission?

The chromosomes are attached to different parts of cell membrane, which elongates and thus separates the chromosomes.

How long does it take for the daughter cells from one round of replication to replicate themselves?

No time is required — they are fully mature and ready to divide immediately after separation if conditions are right.

Put the following steps of bacterial replication in the correct order, starting from a parent cell.
Cell elongation
Septum formation
Chromosome replication
Separation of daughter cells

3, 1, 2, 4

What would happen if the septum did not form during binary fission?

The parent cell would now have two copies of the chromosome.

Starting with three cells, how many cells would result from three rounds of replication?


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