Microbiology Lab Report Chp. 15 Endospores

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What are the functions of endospores in bacteria? Lab Report Question

Endospores are resting stages that allow bacteria to survive conditions unfavorable for growth.

What external structure on the endospore acts as a protective barrieR? What is its composition? Lab Report Question

Endospores have a protective barrier on their exterior called an exosporium that is composed of protein.

Compared to a vegetative cell, how much less water is present in an endospore? Lab Report Question

Endospores are very dehydrated structures that are not actively metabolizing. The water content is reduced to 10-30% of the vegetative cell. So, there is 70-90% less water in the endospore.

What is the mordant in the spore stain? Lab Report Question

heat; it cuases the endospore to expand allowing the stain to penetrate the structure.

What is the stimulus for endospore production in bacteria? Lab Report Question

decrease of nutrients in the environment

Destroying Endospores

Endospores must be exposed to 15-20 minutes of steam pressure at a temperature of 121 degrees celsius. Conditions produced in an autoclave.

What is the color of endospores after gram staining?
After spore staining?

After gram staining, the endospore is colorless. After the endospore stain, it is green

What is the secondary stain in the spore stain?

Safranin is the secondary stain in the endospore stain and is necessary to stain the vegetative cell.

Are bacterial endospores reproductive structures? Explain why or why not.

no they are dormant structures that can grow through the process of germination if nutrients become available again.

What is the color of the vegetative cell after the spore stain?

Vegatative cell–red

What is the genera of bacteria that produces endospores

Clostridium, Bacillus

Give three examples of diseases caused by an endospore-forming bacterium and the name of the specific bacterial agent involved.

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