Mental and Emotional Health – Mental, Emotional, and Stress-Related problems – Mental Health Disorders

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The value of group therapy for the treatment of mental health disorders is that an individual can __________. A. find comfort in talking with people that have similar experiences B. be a part of a group that allows one to hide his or her feelings C. borrow medication from other group members when needed D. none of the above


An environmental factor that contributes to mental illness is __________. A. intelligence B. poverty C. high self-esteem D. a supportive family


Which of the following is NOT a mental health professional? A. psychologist B. radiologist C. counselor D. psychiatrist


Which of the following statements describes mental disorders? A. Mental disorders are usually only found in individuals with low mental capabilities. B. Mental disorders are best managed without assistance. C. Mental disorders are illnesses that affect a person’s emotions, behavior, and thoughts. D. Mental disorders are not true diseases.


Which of these statements BEST summarizes the cause of mental health disorders? A. Mental health disorders occur because of a variety of factors. B. Mental health disorders occur because of physical deformities. C. Mental health disorders occur because of childhood neglect. D. Mental health disorders occur because of brain damage.


The causes of mental disorders include __________ factors. A. biological B. environmental C. physical D. all of the above


Autism is a type of personality disorder.


Mental health disorders disrupt everyday activities.


Medications are often the complete solution for curing those with a mental health disorder.


Which of the following is TRUE concerning the use of medicine to treat a mental disorder? A. Unprescribed medication is best used to treat mental health disorders. B. Medication can be used to cure most mental health disorders. C. Medication can be used to help those with mental health disorders function more effectively. D. Medication cannot be used to treat mental health disorders.

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