MCSA Chapter 04

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T/F – A solid state drive is a good candidate for storing the page file.


T/F – The biggest disadvantage in using virtual disks instead of physical volumes is the lack of portability.​


T/F – A parity space ​storage layout is similar to a RAID 1 volume, in that a parity bit is written to the spare drive.


T/F – Thin provisioning allocates all configured space immediately, ensuring that the space is available for the specified virtual disk.​


T/F – A disk that is initialized via the Disk Management MMC is initialized as a MBR disk by default.


​Which of the following is not a special character that can be utilized in an NTFS file’s name? ​


​The \Windows folder is located on what volume?

​Boot volume

Select below the file system that can repair minor file system issues automatically, and supports up to 1 yottabyte volume sizes.​


What feature new to Windows Server 2012 provides the ability to find identical sets of data on a SAN based storage array and reduce the identical sets to a single instance, in order to reduce space? ​

Data deduplication

A simple space storage layout is similar to which non-fault tolerant RAID technology?​


​A physical disk that is available for adding to a storage pool is considered to be a member of what initial pool? ​

Primordial pool

Select the PowerShell cmdlet below that can be used to create a new volume.

format volume

​Disks that are formatted using the GUID Partitioning Table (GPT) can hold larger volume sizes, and benefit from increased reliability provided by which feature below?

​Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)

​Which SATA version supports transfer speeds up to 6 Gb/s?

​Version 3

Which disk subsystem is considered to be the most reliable in today’s environment for use in enterprise and high-utilization environments?


​Due to the limitations of MBR partitioning, what type of partition must be created in order to utilize multiple logical drives in the same partition? ​

Extended partition

​An administrator wants to utilize a RAID volume that provides redundancy using disk striping with parity. What type of RAID should the administrator select? ​


​What type of volume utilizes two or more physical disks, and fills each disk sequentially, rather than using striping?

​Spanned volume

​Modern file systems use what component to describe information about files, such as time stamps and attributes? ​


If a disk pool becomes full, how does Windows Server 2012 respond?
a. The server notifies all users with data in the disk pool in order to encourage data cleaning activities
b. ​The disk pool is moved to an offline state until more physical storage is added
c. Affected volumes are marked as read-only until more space is provisioned
d. More space is automatically provisioned from available drives in the primordial pool


Which of the following scenarios would provide for an ideal use of the ReFS file system?
a. A small storage drive in which users will use compression to save disk space
b. A volume on which administrators can control disk space utilization
c. A volume requiring strict encryption of confidential information
d. A volume which should maintain high reliability


​Under what circumstances would an administrator choose to format a volume using the FAT file system?
a. A 2 TB volume must be formatted for use
b. ​A volume must be accessible using Windows 9x
c. A volume must support file sizes larger than 4 GB
d. ​A volume requires encryption


​Which of the following statements is true regarding the page file?
a. ​The page file should be on the same volume as the Windows installation.
b. ​The page file should never be more than 2 GB in size
c. The page file should never be stored on a solid state drive
d. The page file should be on its own volume


​What type of storage typically shares files utilizing standard network protocols, such as Server Message Block (SMB), Network File System (NFS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? ​

Network Attached Storage

​A hard drive or solid state drive that is physically installed inside of a workstation would generally be considered to be what type of storage?

​Local storage

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