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Most organic compounds contain carbon and _____.


Vitalism gave way to mechanism, the view that _____.

physical and chemical laws govern living systems

L-dopa is used to treat _____.

Parkinson’s disease

What kind of effect does R-dopa have on Parkinson’s disease?


Enantiomers are molecules that _____.

Are mirror images

Geometric isomers are molecules that _____.

Differ in their arrangements of atoms about a double bond

he large diversity of shapes of biological molecules is possible because of the extensive presence of _____ in the molecules.


Variations in the reactive properties of different organic molecules are most closely associated with _____.

The presence or absence of functional groups

What functional group is commonly used in cells to transfer energy from one organic molecule to another?


Identify the functional groups.

Amino and carboxyl are functional groups.
DNA and RNA are functional groups.
Lipids and proteins are functional groups.

Amino and carboxyl are functional groups.

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