Mastering Anatomy Ch 6

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Hyaline Cartilage includes:

Cartilages in the nose Articular cartilage of a joint Costal cartilage

Elastic cartilage includes

Cartilage in external ear

Fibrocartilage includes

Cartilage in intervertebral discs Meniscus Pubic symphysis

Which component of bone tissue makes bone hard?

Mineral salts

During endochondral ossification, which of the listed types of tissue is replaced by bone?

Hyaline cartilage

A __________ is a layer of bone matrix in which the collagen fibers and mineral crystals align and run in a single direction.


A round or oval opening through a bone is a __________.


Sesamoid bones are examples of __________ bones.


A fracture in which the bone fragments into three or more pieces is a __________ fracture.


Osteoblasts secrete the organic part of the bone matrix, which is called __________ .


The types of fractures that are common in children are __________.

epiphyseal and greenstick

Spongy bone is arranged in a network of needle-like or flat pieces called __________.


Functions of bones include all of the following, EXCEPT __________.

Protein storage

Which of the following statements about bones is true?

Bones grow thicker in response to the forces experienced during exercise.

Flat bones include all of the following examples, EXCEPT __________.

Wrist bones

What are two locations in the body where fibrocartilage is located?

annulus fibrosis of intervertebral discs and menisci of the knee

The arrangement of the fibers and minerals in an osteon function to resist ________.


Mineral salts in bones __________.

provide bone with the ability to resist compression

What is the function of the bone markings illustrated on this rib: head and facets?

surfaces that form joints

Which of the following boney markings is a site for muscle attachment?


The only bones formed by intramembranous ossification that are NOT in the skull are the __________.


Osteoblasts originate from what type of precursor cells?

Mesenchyme cells

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