Management Chapter 15

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Dissemination is the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another. T/F


Which of the following is a good tip for being an effective writer?

keeping it simple; use short words, sentences, and phrases.

Which of the following is an attribute of good listeners?

They recap what the speaker has said.

The telephone you use to speak to another person is an example of which part of the communication process?


When a pharmacist can’t read a prescription because of a doctor’s poor handwriting, the message is disrupted by ________, which is defined as any disturbance that interferes with the transmission of a message.


Which type of communication is highest in media richness?


Which of the following is an example of downward communication?

a manager’s feedback about a subordinate’s performance

______ is not one of the three types of formal communication


Which fo the following communication styles do women not use as much as men?

Talk over others

The communication advantages of social media use by businesses can best be summarized as


The unofficial communication system of the informal organization, a system of gossip and rumor, is known as jargon. T/F


One violation of privacy is identity theft, a downside of the digital age. T/F


Nonverbal language and other subtleties are often lost in e-mail, so jokes may be taken as insults or criticism. T/F


Communication is a process consisting of "a sender transmitting a message through media to a receiver who responds." T/F


A rich medium is more effective with routine situations. T/F


Encoding means interpreting and trying to make sense of a message. T/F


External communication flows between people inside and outside the organization, including stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, or other owners, and so on. T/F


When you encounter a medium barrier, the recipient of the message doesn’t respond enough. T/F


LinkedIn is the most popular and effective social media for recruiting. T/F


Defensive communication tends to be more effective than nondefensive communication. T/F


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