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Outline the steps needed to analyze media messages we experience each day.

The first step is to figure out the message the advertisement is sending. Secondly, you should decide what the commercial is trying to sell. Next, you should make a decision about how this message affects you. Finally, decide if you will act on the advertisement or not.

Compare and contrast emergency procedures and elective procedures.

Emergency procedures are those that are life threatening and must be resolved quickly. Elective procedures may be important but can wait for the appropriate time and place to be completed.

Most fast-food advertisements focus on the high levels of salt and fat contained in the food.


Identify three of the key messages used by advertisers when promoting their products.

Three key messages often used are: 1. "Everyone is doing it"; 2. "It’s fun to use our products"; 3. "You will be successful if you use our products."

Support the argument that the increased accessibility to health information is a positive development.

Before the Information Age, there were only a few places to get medical information. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists held the keys to all medical knowledge. Now, all people with Internet access have the ability to gather medical information and make informed decisions on their treatment and care.

Misleading advertising messages regarding fast food are often given by __________.

C. athletes

Which of the following are NOT common buzz words found on the labels of health products?
No Side Effects!
Miracle Cure!
No Natural Ingredients!
Studies Underway!

C. No Natural Ingredients!

Discuss the growing concerns over credibility of online medical resources.

The ease with which information can be published to the Internet makes it possible for anyone to publish incorrect information to the world. As more and more online sources of medical information emerge, it becomes more difficult to discern which are credible.

Cost is a major factor for consumers when purchasing health products.


What information do you need to share with your doctor to avoid a possible bad reaction to medication?

A doctor needs to know whether any other medications are being taken by the patient or if the patient is planning on taking any other medications in the near future. The doctor also needs to know whether the the patient has experienced any allergies to previous medications or even to types of food.

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