M05 – Ch. 7 + Ch. 8

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One philosopher who does not agree that there is such a thing as human nature is


Evolutionary theory may present a challenge to natural law theory.


Existentialists like Sartre believe that essence precedes existence.


The idea that the basic moral law can be known by human reason and that we know what it requires by looking to human nature are two of the tenets of natural law theory.


Civil law is prescriptive and as such tells us how we ought to behave.


The natural state of human liberty is a state of license according to Locke.


According to Thomas Aquinas, humans are naturally inclined to be good based on reason.


For Thomas Aquinas all laws created by humans are derived from natural law.


Moral requirements cannot be grounded in human nature according to natural rights theory.


"Laws of nature" is another way of referring to natural law theory.


Moral laws are descriptive generalizations of fact.


According to Rorty, there is no common human nature to use as a moral reference point.


One problem for natural rights theory is that not everyone agrees on what human nature requires.


For Locke every person has a distinct right to punish those who transgress the natural law.


According to the text, in the USA to say we value courage, patriotism, and loyalty would suggest we are…

A Warlike Society

Virtue ethics helps us determine

How we ought to be

Virtue ethics emphasizes how we should determine what is the right thing to do.


Pride is the virtue between ______ and ______

Humility and Vanity

Which of the following was not mentioned by MacKinnon as an example of the focus of virtue ethics?

How to pick a side in the debate of a major social issue.

According to Philippa Foot a virtue is a perfection of


Virtues are positive traits of character.


Which virtue does Philippa Foot identify as benefiting community rather than self?


The virtue of courage should enable one to face danger.


The opposite of virtue is weakness.


According to Aristotle the good is

The end to which all things aim

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