Louisiana Class D -Chauffeur’s- License Test

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Class D license is for anyone driving a vehicle or combined set of vehicles in this weight range _____, as long as they are not carrying hazardous materials

10,001-26,001 pounds

A Class D license allows for a driver-for-fire to drive any vehicle fitting into the Class __ requirements


you must be ____ years old to receive a class D license


the maximum width for all vehicles except buses is ___

8 feet

the maximum width for buses is ____

8ft 6in

the load may not project more than ___ beyond the width of the body


the maximum height for all vehicles is ___

13ft 6in

the maximum length for any single vehicle including its load is ___


the maximum length for a truck-tractor and trailer combination is ___


the maximum height, length, and width requirements do not apply to ____, ______, or ____ as long as they are operating during daylight

auto carriers, trailers hauling poles or pilings, trailers hauling logs

when securing a load, the contents must not be allowed to ____, ____, _____, or ______ and the cover must be securely fastened

drop, shift, leak, otherwise escape

any load may not extend more than ____ in front of the vehicle


any load except for poles, pilings, and logs may not extend more than ___ beyond the rear of the vehicle


poles, pilings, and logs may not extend more than ___ beyond the rear of the trailer


if a load extends more than ___ past the body of the vehicle a 12 in square _____ must be attached to the load during daylight and a ____ must be attached during nighttime

4 ft, red flag, red light

the red light attached to the load at night must be visible from ____


when pulling or towing another motor vehicle the speed limit is _____

45 mph

the speed limit for school buses which are frequently stopping to load or unload children is ___


for all other vehicle, where the posted speed limit permits, the maximum speed limit is ___


on rural highways, outside residential area or business districts, drivers of motor trucks must not follow within _____ of one another except to pass

400 ft

high beam headlights must be dimmed at ___ from oncoming traffic and ____ from a vehicle being followed

500ft, 200ft

you must stop within___ but not closer than ___ from the a railway crossing

50ft, 15ft

vehicles transporting passengers must be equipped with this type of fire extinguisher


tow trucks must have this type of fire extinguisher


vehicles transporting explosives must have this type of fire extinguisher


freight carrying vehicles and passenger buses must carry either 3 ____, 3____, or 3 ____ and 2____ as warning equipment.

flares, electric red lanterns or red portable reflectors, and 2 12 inch square red cloth flags

flares or fuses are not allowed on these trucks

those carrying explosives, flammable liquids, compressed gases, or those using compressed gas for fuel

warning signals must be places ___ behind and ___ in front of the vehicle and one ____ to the front or rear on the side of the vehicle facing traffic when it breaks down

100 ft, 100ft, 10ft

the draw bar used to tow another vehicle must not be more than ___ except when transporting objects which can not be easily dismembers like poles, pipes, or machinery

15 ft

the rear view mirror must reflect an image reaching at least ____ behind the vehicle


vehicles weighing or carrying more than ___ must be equipped with extra brakes

3,000 pounds

___ brakes are a safe way of stopping large vehicle when used correctly


the three braking systems that make up an air brake system are

service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake

the part of the air brake system which pumps air into the air storage tanks

air compressor

the part of the air brake system which controls when the air compressor will pump air into the air storage tanks

air compressor governor

the part of the air brake system which is operated by turning a quarter turn or by pulling a cable and which must be drained manually at the end of the day

manual air tank drain

the part of the air brake system in which water and oil are automatically expelled

automatice air tank drain

the ___ of the air brake system protects the tanks and the rest of the system from too much pressure. it is usually set at 150 psi. if it releases air, something is wrong

safety valve

the ___ part of the air brake system tells you how much pressure is left in the air tanks

supply pressure gauges

the ____ shows you how much air pressure you are applying to the breaks

application pressure gauge

if the air pressure in the tanks falls below ___, the low air pressure warning will come on.


___ brakes are held back by air pressure and are the mechanical force which keeps the emergency and parking brakes in place

spring brakes

in newer vehicles, you engage the parking breaks by using this knob

diamond-shaped, yellow, push-pull knob

never push the break pedal down when the ___ brakes are on

spring breaks

the first step to checking the air brakes is to see if the air pressure drops more than ____ pounds in ___ minute

3 pounds in 1 minute

the second step to checking the air brakes is to ____

make sure the low air pressure warning signals are working

the third step of checking the air brakes is to make sure the parking brake valve closes at ____psi

20-40 psi

7 additional things that must be checked when doing an air brake check

1)air compressor drive belt 2) manual slack adjusters on S-cam brakes 3) brake drums, linings, and hoses 4) rate of air pressure buildup 5) air compressor governor cut-in and cut-out pressures 6) parking brake 7) service brakes

2 methods of emergency breaking

controlled or stab

the type of emergency breaking in which you put on the brakes as hard as you can without locking the wheels or turning the steering wheel

controlled braking

the type of emergency braking in which you press the break pedal as hard as you can, let up when the wheels lock, and push on the brakes again when the vehicle starts rolling

stab breaking

with air brakes it takes ____ for the air to flow through the lines to the brakes

1/2 second or more

the equation which equals the total stopping distance for vehicles with air brakes

perception distance + reaction distance + brake lag distance + effective braking distance

if the low air pressure warning for the air brake system comes on you should __

stop and safely park as soon as possible

brakes can fail or fade from ___ caused by ___

excessive heat caused by using them too much or improper adjustment

any time you park you should use the parking brake except for these 2 exceptions

the brakes are very hot or in the brakes are wet and the temperature is freezing

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