Lophotrochozoa Competency Check

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The _______ in earthworms is/are composed of fused segments involved in reproduction.


Members of Phylum Brachiopoda are often confused for which group from Phylum Mollusca?

Class Bivalvia

Clamworms, members of Errantia, use their parapodia for ___________.

defense, gas exchange , and swimming

Which of the below is a subgroup of the clade Bilateria? More than one answer is possible.

Deuterostomes and ?

Which of the following animals in NOT an example of a member of Clade Lophotrochozoa?


Which of the following characteristics applies to all members of Phylum Mollusca?


Which of the following statements regarding tapeworm feeding is accurate?

They absorb nutrients across their body wall.

Members of phylum Annelida have a closed circulatory system and a complete digestive system.


The structure that allows a tapeworm to attach to its host is called a corona.


Rotifers have a _________ that looks like a rotating wheel and is used to propel the animal through the water and move food particles toward the mouth.


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