Living with HIV and AIDS

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Counselors do NOT provide which service during treatment?

Registering your personal information

According to the lecture, over 42 million people have died from AIDS.


Oral sex is less risky than other forms of sexual activity regarding the transmission of HIV.


Millions of US teens are newly infected by HIV every year.


The cure for HIV is sure to be found within the field of technology.


Which of the following rights does a person with HIV in the US have?

The right to be a parent

An epidemic is the rapid spread of a disease across __________.

A region

Which of the following is NOT a type of opportunistic infection common to HIV/AIDS positive people?


HIV is thought have originated by __________.

Apes passing the disease to hunters

Name two global organizations that are addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the world.

There are many global organizations that are addressing the pandemic. The World Health Organization, the United Nations, UNICEF, and the USAID have all created programs specifically to address the problems resulting from HIV/AIDS.

Describe two techniques a noninfected person can use in order to live with an HIV positive spouse.

There are not that many differences between living with a person who is HIV positive and living with someone who isn’t. A couple examples include practicing good hygiene and properly cleaning and bandaging any blood-producing injuries. Intimate contact, such as sexual intercourse, should be avoided or at the very least be protected

People suffering from HIV are more susceptible to common infections.


The first case of HIV in the US was reported in 1924.


Despite the relatively new nature of HIV/AIDS, there are laws in place to protect those that are infected.


HIV/AIDS is considered a pandemic.


List two reasons why HIV/AIDS continues to spread so rapidly across the world.

There are a many reasons why HIV/AIDS continues to spread across the world. Treatment options for the virus are still relatively new and prone to failure. An institutionalized stigma against people with the virus encourages them to remain silent about their status. People’s personal behavior, such has having unprotected sex and sharing needles, continues to propagate the virus. Also, there is a lack of education that would allow people to recognize and avoid dangerous situations.

Why is it important to notify past partners if you get a positive result from an HIV test?

A person needs to notify past partners so they can be tested as soon as possible. Not notifying partners can allow the virus to spread to others and create health complications if it’s not detected and treated as soon as possible.

Why should someone who is in a monogamous, long-term relationship be tested regularly for HIV infection?

There’s always a chance that a partner could engage in risky behaviors, such as sleeping with an infected person or sharing needles when taking drugs. Regular testing is necessary because the earlier infection is detected, the earlier treatment can begin and possibly extend the amount of time of survival.

When did the first AIDS treatment program start in Africa?


Why should a person that takes an HIV test today also take one in 3 months?

Because antibodies may not be present until that point

Tobacco can damage the immune system of a person with AIDS.


How many cases of HIV/AIDS infection exist in the world today?


How long can it take before HIV symptoms are detected?

NOT A couple weeks

When should an HIV positive person share his or her status with friends and family?

When the person is ready

Individuals with HIV/AIDS are viewed and treated the same as uninfected individuals in society.


Monogamy is defined as __________.

Only having one sex partner at a time

AIDS was officially named in the 1980s.


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