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Each SCSI device attached to a system must be assigned an ID number. What is this ID number called?

target ID

Most Parallel SCSI controllers are capable of supporting up to how many devices?


In a SCSI chain the highest priority SCSI device is given what SCSI ID?


What SCSI type supports speeds of up to 80 MB/second?

SCSI-3 Ultra2 Wide

If a Linux installation ends abnormally and the screen displays a fatal signal 11 error, what type of error has occurred?

segmentation fault

In some cases, the installation process fails to place a boot loader on the hard disk properly; this is often caused by hard drives with over what number of cylinders?


To ensure that Linux has detected the correct amount of RAM in the system after installation, you should view the contents of what file in the proc directory?


What file in the /proc directory contains a list of memory address ranges reserved for device use?


Select the file in the /proc directory that contains statistics on the performance of the processor:


What file in the /proc directory contains information about a computer’s CPU?​


​Select the command that can be used to change the root filesystem to a different directory, such as when in a rescue environment.


You are troubleshooting an issue that occurs on a Linux system during the boot process. What file can be viewed on most Linux systems to see processes that started successfully or unsuccessfully specifically during the boot process?​


What command is used to manage a software RAID configuration after installation?​


What is the term for a ZFS managed filesystem that is created from ZFS pools?​

ZFS volume

​A ZFS volume that uses a variable stripe size and requires a minimum of three hard disks to protect against single disk failure is known as:


What file under the proc directory contains information regarding what modules are currently loaded into the Linux kernel?​


​In Fedora 20, the logging system used to record the messages normally stored within the boot.log, messages, and syslog files has been replaced by a journaling database system called?


The first software RAID volume on a system will​ use a multiple disk device file that starts with what number?


In order to list all configuration parameters that can be modified for a subfilesystem, what command should be issued?​

zfs get all

​What RAID level is commonly referred to as disk striping with parity?


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