Life Span Development Chapter 13 &14

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The transition from adolescence to adulthood has been referred to as emerging adulthood, which occurs from approximately _____ years of age

b. 18 to 25

All of the following are key features identified by Jeffrey Arnett as characterizing emerging adulthood, EXCEPT:

a. stability.

"Many emerging adults are optimistic about their future, and, for emerging adults who have experienced difficult times while growing up, emerging adulthood presents an opportunity to direct their lives in a more positive direction." These are the two ways described by Jeffrey Arnett in which emerging adulthood can be viewed as:

c. the age of possibilities.

The three characteristics shared by these "late-bloomers"—individuals who were still showing maladaptive patterns in emerging adulthood but had gotten their lives together by the time they were in the late twenties and early thirties—were being planful, showing positive aspects of autonomy, and _____.

b. support by adults

In the United States, the most widely recognized marker of entry into adulthood is:

a. holding a permanent, full-time job.

A longitudinal study found that at age 25 _____ of the participants were fully financially independent of their family of origin.

b. a little more than half

In a recent study, both parents and college students agreed that taking responsibility for one’s actions and _____ are important aspects of becoming an adult.

c. developing emotional control

In developing countries, the most widely recognized marker of entry into adulthood is:

c. getting married.

James, an American, will most likely consider himself an adult when he _____, whereas Nirmal, an Indian will most likely consider himself an adult when he _____.

a. moves out of the house; graduates from college d. gets married; buys his first home

In developing countries, marriage, the marker for entry into adulthood usually occurs _____ the adulthood markers in the United States

a. much earlier than

The transition from elementary school to middle or junior high school, and the transition from high school to college:

d. have many parallels.

College freshmen are similar to high school freshmen in that both:

b. are considered novices in their respective settings.

Which of the following is a positive feature of the transition from high school to college?

b. Opportunities to explore different lifestyles and values

Lea, a college freshman, is experiencing a lot of anxiety about not doing well enough in her classes. She reports that she is often depressed and needs help. Large scale studies and a recent national survey conducted by the American College Health Association of more than 90,000 students on 177 campuses indicate that Lea’s feelings:

c. are not uncommon in college students.

Most of us reach our peak physical performance:

a. before the age of 30, often between the ages of 19 and 26.

Which of the following athletes would be most likely to peak earliest?

b. Swimmer

Dana, 10, is a gymnast. In terms of performance, Dana is probably:

b. yet to peak.

Gilbert, 20, is a marathon runner. In terms of performance, Gilbert is probably:

b. yet to peak.

Examples of Dana Torres, Olympic swimmer, Lance Armstrong, cyclist, and Tom Watson, golfer, have been used to illustrate that:

a. there have been instances of highly conditioned athletes stretching the age limit on winning performances.

Muscle tone and strength usually begin to show signs of decline around the age of _____.

b. 30

The mortality rate of emerging adults is _____ the mortality rate of adolescents.

c. more than twice

Emerging adults have _____ chronic health problems, and they have _____ colds and respiratory problems than when they were children.

a. few; fewer

A longitudinal study revealed that most bad health habits engaged in during adolescence _____ in emerging adulthood.

d. increased

College students’ failure to develop health-promoting habits is due to their:

d. failure to think about how their lifestyle will affect them later in life.

Lloyd, 30, is a busy lawyer and is always in a hurry. He skips breakfast, grabs lunch on the go, snacks and drinks coffee constantly at his desk, and finds no time to exercise. He is at risk for being overweight and has high cholesterol and blood pressure. Research indicates that Lloyd:

b. is likely to have lower life satisfaction at age 70.

The prevalence of obesity in U.S. adults 20 years of age and older was _____ in 2006.

c. 33 percent

A comparison of the figures relating to the prevalence of obesity in the U.S and figures from a study of more than 168,000 adults in 63 countries reveal that the incidence of obesity in the U.S _____ the worldwide figures:

a. is higher than

Identical human twins have similar weights, even when they are reared apart. This indicates:

c. the genetic component of a person’s weight.

Leptin is:

d. a protein that is involved in satiety.

Leptin acts as a(n):

d. antiobesity hormone.

A possible genetic explanation for obesity in humans is:

a. reduced production of leptin.

The weight you maintain when you make no effort to gain or lose weight is called your:

c. set point weight.

Kendra was overweight as a child and continues to be overweight as an adult. This might in part be due to _____ fat cells in her body.

d. the higher number of

Bradford was of average weight throughout childhood and in college. But he has gained more than 30 pounds after he started working, and is now finding it very difficult to lose the excess weight and to maintain weight loss. His doctor tells him that one of the reasons that it is so might be because:

b. he may not be able to get rid of the fat cells he gained when he put on weight.

The human genome has not changed markedly in the last century, yet obesity has noticeably increased. This points to the fact that:

a. environmental factors play an important role in obesity.

The obesity rate has _____ in the United States since 1900.

b. doubled

The obesity rate has dramatically increased in the United States since 1900. This dramatic increase in obesity is likely due to all of the following EXCEPT:

c. marked changes in the human genome.

Obesity is _____ prevalent among women with low incomes than among women with high incomes.

c. several times more

Rene wants to lose weight and is considering going on the latest high-protein diet. She wants to know if this diet is a good way to lose weight and to keep it off. What would you tell her?

b. Some individuals on diets do lose weight and keep it off, however, how often this occurs and whether some diet programs work better than others are still open questions.

Rhett is looking for the most effective way to lose his excess weight and to keep it off. You would tell him that the most effective weight-loss programs invariably include:

c. exercise.

Sustained exercises such as jogging, swimming, or cycling that stimulate heart and lung activity are known as:

d. aerobic exercises.

Which of the following statements about the benefits of exercise is true?

b. Exercise can be as effective in reducing depression as psychotherapy.

Which of the following is NOT a strategy for building exercise into one’s life?

b. Avoid tracking your progress too closely

According to a longitudinal study by Jerald Bachman and his colleagues, by the time individuals reach their mid-twenties, _____ their use of alcohol and drugs.

a. many would have reduced

Binge drinking would be most common among which of the following groups?

b. College men staying in fraternity houses

Binge drinking peaks at about:

b. 21 to 22 years of age.

_____ individuals who drink continue the path to alcoholism.

c. A small percentage of

An estimated _____ percent of individuals who become alcoholics are believed to have a genetic predisposition for it.

b. 50 to 60

Orthodox Jews and Mormons have especially low rates of alcohol use, underscoring the:

a. environment’s role in alcoholism.

There is a "one-third rule” for alcoholism: by age 65, one-third are dead or in terrible shape, one-third are abstinent or drinking socially, and one-third are _____.

b. still trying to beat their addiction

Which of the following is true about cigarette smoking?

a. Secondhand smoke is implicated in many lung cancer deaths a year.

Nicotine is a(n) _____.

b. stimulant

By the end of emerging adulthood (age 25), _____ individuals have had sexual intercourse.

c. most

Emerging adulthood is a time frame during which most individuals are:

c. sexually active and unmarried.

Which of the following is included in the patterns of heterosexual behavior for males and females in emerging adulthood?

d. Emerging adults have sex less frequently than young adults.

Yoko is reluctant to marry since she is worried that her husband might cheat on her. You would tell her that adultery is:

c. clearly the exception rather than the rule.

Which of the following statements accurately reflects a key finding from the 1994 "Sex in America" survey?

b. Married and cohabiting couples have sex more often than noncohabiting couples.

In 1994, Robert Michael and his colleagues conducted a comprehensive survey of American sexual patterns. Results from this "Sex in America" survey suggested that Americans’ sexual lives are _____ than previously believed.

a. more conservative

Results from the "Sex in America" study suggest that adult sexual behavior is dominated by _____ and _____.

c. marriage; monogamy

Today, it is more accepted to view sexual orientation as:

c. a continuum from exclusive male-female relations to exclusive same-sex relations.

Your professor argues that homosexuality in males is the result of exposure of the fetus to hormone levels characteristic of females in the second to fifth months after conception, causing the individual to become attracted to other males. This indicates that your professor believes in the _____ of the factors in homosexuality.

a. critical period hypothesis

The critical-period hypothesis could explain:

d. why sexual orientation is difficult, if not impossible, to modify.

An individual’s sexual orientation is most likely determined by:

c. a combination of factors.

According to psychologist Laura Brown, how can lesbians and gay males adapt to a world in which they are a minority?

b. By balancing the demands of the minority lesbian/gay male culture and the majority heterosexual culture.

Manny has contracted a virus that is destroying his body’s immune system. Manny most likely has _____.


Before Jasmine has sex with her boyfriend, she asks if he has tested positive for HIV and also requires that he use a condom. Given what we know about HIV and the sexual behavior and attitudes of most adults, we can say that Jasmine’s practice is:

c. not completely safe, because condoms can fail and many people lie to have sex.

Condoms are less effective against the spread of _____.

b. herpes

Which of the following is true of rape?

d. Rapes are underreported.

Researchers have found that male rapists share the following characteristics: aggression enhances their sense of power or masculinity; they are angry at women in general; and _____.

b. they want to hurt and humiliate their victims.

Gina’s boyfriend forced her to have sexual intercourse with him during their last date. Gina has encountered:

b. date rape.

In one estimate, _____ of college freshman women report having been date raped or having experienced an attempted date rape at least once.

c. two-thirds

About _____ college men admit to forcing sexual activity.

d. half

A number of college and universities describe the "red zone" as a period of time _____ of college when women are at especially high risk for unwanted sexual experiences.

a. early in the first year

Sexual harassment is a manifestation of:

c. power of one person over another.

A major study that focused on campus sexual assault and involved a phone survey of 4,446 women attending two- or four-year colleges found the following about stalking:

c. Most women knew their stalkers.

In a recent survey of 2,000 college women, _____ reported that they had experienced sexual harassment while attending college.

a. a majority

Piaget stressed that young adults are more quantitatively advanced in their thinking than adolescents because:

b. they have more knowledge.

According to Piaget, formal operational thought characterizes adults as well as adolescents. According to some developmentalists, Piaget’s view is:

a. an inaccurate description of many adults.

In early adulthood, individuals often switch from acquiring knowledge to applying knowledge as they pursue success in their work. This reflects the idea that:

d. adults do progress beyond adolescents in their use of intellect.

According to William Perry, an adolescent’s cognition would likely lead him to make statements like:

a. "What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong."

In William Perry’s view, the _____ thinking of adolescence gives way to the _____ thinking of adulthood.

d. absolutist; relativistic

Gisela Labouvie-Vief recently proposed that:

a. adult thought today needs to be more reflective and complex than in the past.

Some theorists have pieced together cognitive changes in young adults and proposed

b. postformal thought

The main cognitive change between the fourth and fifth stages of cognitive development is _____ thinking.

c. reflective

How strong is the evidence for a fifth, postformal stage of cognitive development?

b. Critics argue that research has yet to document that postformal thought is a qualitatively more advanced stage than formal operational thought.

When you look at the creative achievements of famous inventors, writers, and scientists, it is clear that creativity:

d. takes a developmental course that varies depending on the person’s type of work and individual situation.

When Franklin composes musical concertos, he becomes totally absorbed and experiences extreme happiness. This is called _____.

b. flow

Csikszentmihalyi points out that _____ capable of achieving flow.

d. everyone is

Which of the following is NOT one of the steps toward a more creative life as identified by Csikszentmihalyi?

a. Wake up in the morning without a specific goal to look forward to.

Mini wants to know what activities would be most conducive to creative thinking. Based on what people reported in Csikszentmihalyi’s research, you would suggest that Mini would be at her creative best during activities that:

c. are semiautomatic.

This concept, recently described by Phyllis Moen, reflects ingrained cultural beliefs that engaging in hard work for long hours through adulthood will produce a path to status, security, and happiness

c. The career mystique

Ever since she passed out of college, Jane has been working long hours at her job as an accountant with a small company in the hope that her hard work will pay off and that she will achieve good career growth and economic stability. Jane obviously believes in what Phyllis Moen describes as the:

c. career mystique.

In interviews with 12- to 22-year-olds about finding their purpose in life, William Damon found that:

b. the largest percentage had engaged in some potentially purposeful activities but still did not have a real commitment or any reasonable plans for reaching their goals.

According to the U.S. government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-2009, which of the following areas of work are expected to account for the most new jobs in the next decade?

c. Service industries

Lewis wants to know what academic path he should follow to get into the fastest growing job market, and the highest paying. You would suggest that Lewis:

d. get at least a college degree.

Melody has been unable to work at her job as a truck driver for more than 15 months now because of a back injury. Research on the impact of work would suggest that Melody:

b. may experience emotional distress and low self-esteem.

Which of the following is true of work patterns in the U.S.?

c. More than a third of Americans work 40 hours a week.

Ishmael is experiencing a lot of stress at the workplace. Trends indicated in a recent national survey of U.S. adults suggest that Ishmael:

b. will be less productive because of stress.

A recent national survey of U.S. adults identified the leading source of stress at the workplace as:

a. low salaries.

According to a recent survey, _____ of all full-time college students and _____ of part-time college students are employed.

d. almost half; the vast majority

Which of the following statements about working while in college is true?

a. Working more hours results in decreased grades.

More than 1,000 colleges in the United States offer cooperative (co-op) programs, which are:

b. paid apprenticeships in a field that you are interested in pursuing.

Which of the following statements about the impact of unemployment on an individual is true?

a. Researchers have found that unemployment is related to homicide.

Which of the following is a way in which the division of responsibility for work and family changed with the emergence of dual-earning couples?

d. U.S. men are showing greater interest in their families and parenting.

The invisible barrier to career advancement that prevents women and ethnic minorities from holding managerial or executive jobs regardless of their accomplishments and merits is known as:

c. the glass ceiling.

Carol, a mid-level manager at Pegasus Incorporated, has not received a promotion in the last three years despite good performance and good ratings at performance appraisals. If she were to be promoted, she would be the only female employee at top management level. Carol seems to have hit:

c. the glass ceiling.

If researchers measure an individual’s self-concept at ages 10, 20, 30, and 40 years, where are they likely to find the most self-concept stability?

b. when measured at the age of 20 and then again at the age of 30

_____ is an individual’s behavioral style and characteristic emotional responses.

d. Temperament

Research relating to individual temperaments has indicated that children with difficult temperaments:

d. are more likely to show negative outcomes in adulthood.

Colin, 4, has a difficult temperament and throws tantrums at the slightest provocation. Research indicates that, as an adult, Colin:

b. might discontinue his formal education.

Four-year-old Martha has a difficult temperament which her parents and teachers find hard to control. Research indicates that, as an adult, Martha:

a. is more likely to experience marital conflict.

Individuals who had an inhibited temperament in childhood:

b. are more likely to delay entering a stable job track.

Which of the following is TRUE about individuals who had an inhibited temperament in childhood?

d. They are more likely to delay having a stable partnership

Six-year old Noah’s parents identify him as an inhibited child. Research indicates that, as an adult, Noah:

c. is less likely to be assertive

. In one longitudinal study, when three-year-old children showed good control of their emotions and were resilient in the face of stress:

a. they were likely to continue to handle emotions effectively as adults.

Three-year old Grant finds it very difficult to control his anger and often pushes or bites his playmates and siblings. He cries for hours if he is refused something and is unable to bounce back easily from disappointments or stress. Research indicates that, as an adult, Grant:

c. will likely to show problems in controlling his emotions.

Theodore Wachs proposed ways that linkages between temperament in childhood and personality in adulthood might vary depending on the:

b. intervening contexts in individuals’ experience.

. Secure attachment to parents during childhood correlates with:

c. secure attachment to romantic partners in adulthood.

One-year-old Penelope shares a strong attachment with her caring responsive parents. Research indicates that, 20 years later, Penelope:

d. will probably be securely attached in a romantic relationship.

Research indicates that links between early attachment styles and later attachment styles were _____ by stressful and disruptive experiences.

b. lessened

On an assessment of attachment styles modeled on Hazan and Shaver’s questionnaire, Alicia described herself thus: "I find it relatively easy to get close to others and I am comfortable depending on them and having them depend on me. I don’t worry about being abandoned or about someone getting too close to me." Alicia seems to have a(n):

b. secure attachment style.

In her meeting with a counselor, Dalton revealed that he was uncomfortable being close to others. He finds it difficult to trust people completely and doesn’t allow himself to depend completely on them. He gets nervous if someone tries to get too intimate with him. It seems likely that Dalton has a(n) _____ attachment style.

d. avoidant

Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Peter, describe her as clingy and dependent. During their relationship, she always wanted to be told that she was loved and wanted to rush into marriage. She also kept tabs on Peter and was jealous of all his female friends and colleagues. Rose seems to have a(n) _____ attachment style.

b. anxious

Securely attached adults:

c. are less likely than others to have one-night stands.

Avoidant individuals:

d. tend to distance themselves from their partner.

Individuals with an anxious attachment style:

b. demand closeness in relationships and are more emotional.

_____ adults describe themselves as securely attached.

a. The majority of

Which of the following is true of the preferences of adults regarding the attachment styles of their partners?

d. Adults prefer having a securely attached partner

_____ are more likely to provide support when they are distressed and more likely to give support when their partner is distressed.

c. Securely attached adults

A recent study examining the link between the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) and adult unresolved attachment found that:

d. unresolved attachment in adulthood could be linked to the gene.

A research review and conceptualization of attachment by leading experts Mario Mikulincer and Phillip Shaver concluded all the following about the benefits of secure attachment EXCEPT:

a. high academic and work-related achievement.

Gabriella is an anxious person. Her husband, Tyler, is an avoidant person. Based on research by Mario Mikulincer and Phillip Shaver, what issues might this couple face?

b. Gabriella’s needs and demands will frustrate Tyler’s need for distance.

Editha and Cesar both have anxious attachment styles. Based on research by Mario Mikulincer and Phillip Shaver, what issues will this couple likely face?

Editha and Cesar could feel misunderstood and rejected and excessively dwell on their own insecurities,

Ingrid realizes that she has an insecure attachment style and is worried that she is doomed for life to have problematic relationships. What would you tell her?

a. There’s still hope; attachment style makes only a moderate-size contribution to relationship functioning.

Which of the following BEST exemplifies the psychological concept of consensual validation?

c. being comfortable with someone who belongs to the same campus organization as you do

"Amelia’s all excited about this new guy she met," says Julie. "I guess it makes sense because he’s really a geek." Based on the concept of consensual validation, we can expect that Julie:

a. thinks that Amelia is also a geek.

Apart from consensual validation, what is the other reason that similarity matters in relationships?

c. People tend to shy away from the unknown.

Which of the following is a potential benefit of romantic relationships over the Internet?

c. Shy and anxious individuals may be benefited from this opportunity.

Compared to the relationships established in person, what is the significant finding about romantic relationships initiated over the Internet?

b. Despite the prevalence of dishonesty, they are more likely than to last for more than two years.

According to research, which of the following could be the LEAST important characteristic women look for in men?

b. good looks

Which of the following is NOT one of the important characteristics men look for in women?

d. understanding

Physical attractiveness in a relationship is MOST important to:

b. men.

The matching hypothesis says that we choose partners:

b. who are close to our level of physical attractiveness.

Latrell is very intelligent but only of average physical attractiveness. The matching hypothesis states that he will choose a partner who:

c. is of average physical attraction and intelligence.

What is the significant finding regarding levels of attractiveness and aspects of marital relationship, in the first six months of marriage?

a. Attractive husbands were less satisfied.

Which aspect of love becomes increasingly important to the adolescent?

c. intimacy

As discussed in Chapter 10, which of the stages Erik Erikson identified, is the most important issue to be negotiated in adolescence?

a. Identity versus identity confusion

According to Erik Erikson, achieving intimacy means to be able to:

d. comfortably lose oneself in another person.

What is Erik Erikson’s psychosocial crisis for the person in early adulthood?

d. intimacy versus isolation

According to Erik Erikson, what must individuals achieve before they can develop intimacy?

a. an identity

According to Erik Erikson, if individuals do not develop intimacy, they face:

d. isolation

According to Erikson, after individuals are well on their way to establishing stable and successful identities, which is the stage individuals enter in early adulthood?

b. Intimacy versus isolation

Angelina is having some difficulty with her boyfriend. She wants to maintain a close and supportive relationship, but at times she feels smothered by the relationship. Angelina is:

a. experiencing a conflict between intimacy and independence.

According to the author of your text, relationships in early adulthood strive to balance:

d. independence and intimacy.

According to Robert Sternberg’s triarchic theory of love, love is characterized by the dimensions of:

c. passion, commitment, and intimacy

Female friendships are more _____ than male friendships, whereas male friendships are more _____ than female friendships.

c. intimate; competitive

Sui-Lin has turned to her close friend, Chuck, for support about a conflict she recently had with her boss. Chuck is most likely to respond by:

d. offering solutions to her conflict.

According to Ellen Berscheid, the most important ingredient of romantic love is:

b. sexual desire.

. Penelope is describing her marriage of 15 years: "My husband and I were eating breakfast the other day. Neither of us was talking, both of us just reading and thinking our own thoughts. But it was a very comfortable silence, and I love it!" What aspect of their relationship does this illustrate?

d. affectionate love

What explains the fact that a couple can remain happy together even after romantic love fades?

c. Romantic love is replaced by affectionate love which is based on a realistic knowledge and acceptance of the other’s strengths and faults.

Barbara has been in love with Bob for 11 years. Although he does not date other people, he says he is "very fond" of her but does not think he is in love with her. Barbara calls her friends constantly to complain that Bob is emotionally distant but she refuses to listen to their advice to move on with her life and end this relationship. Barbara is at risk for:

a. depression.

Julie describes how she feels about Mark: "I’m very physically attracted to him, but we aren’t what you would call emotionally close. I love being with him, but I don’t know that this will be a long-lasting relationship." According to Robert Sternberg’s theory of love, which type of love is Julie experiencing?

b. passionate love

Which of the following is NOT a component of Sternberg’s triangular theory of love?

b. exchange

Brenda and Jonathan have been married for 15 years. When Brenda develops a potentially fatal lung disease, Jonathan retires in order to care for Brenda. This relationship appears to be high in _____.

b. commitment

Glorina and Ramon feel very close to each other and share a great deal of their thoughts and feelings with each other. Sternberg would say that this couple’s relationship has a high level of _____.

d. intimacy

When all three parts of Sternberg’s triarchic theory of love are present in a relationship, what type of love are people experiencing?

b. consummate love

James and Rachel believe that they are in love, even though each of them is married to another person. They feel an intense physical need for each other and have pledged that they will always be together. According to Sternberg, this couple is:

b. infatuated with each other.

Bob worships his colleague, Anne, but there is no intimacy or sharing between them. Sternberg would call this type of love _____.

b. fatuous

According to Robert Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, consummate love is characterized by:

a. passion, intimacy, and commitment.

According to 2009 data, _____ of U.S. couples reported that they had cohabitated before getting married.

a. more than 75 percent

Julia, who has just turned 30 years old, has never married. She is likely to feel:

b. pressure from society to get married.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of being a single adult?

c. forming intimate relationships with other adults

In which country is cohabitation virtually universal before marriage?

b. Sweden

Rob and Alise have just moved in together, so that they can spend more time with each other and get to know each other better. Research indicates that:

c. there is a very slim chance that Rob and Alise will be together for 5 years

Recent research suggests that:

b. cohabiting before marriage increases the likelihood of divorce.

Which of the following statements about cohabitation is TRUE?

c. Couples who wait until they are engaged to cohabitate have a better chance of a successful marriage than couples who cohabitate before becoming engaged.

Since the early 1900s, the goal of maintaining a stable marriage has:

b. decreased in its level of relative importance.

In the last 60 years, which of the following is the prominent goal that competes with the goal of marital stability?

a. personal fulfillment both inside and outside marriage

Approximately _____ of women in the United States marry at some point in their lives.

d. 90 percent

If American men and women are going to get married at some point in their life, most do so by the time they are _____ years old.

c. 45

Currently the average duration of marriage in the United States is just over _____ years.

b. 9

According to Census Bureau statistics, compared to 1980s, in 2007 the average age for marriage:

. climbed high for both men and women.

In which of the following countries is chastity the most important factor in a marriage partner?

a. China

. In India, _____ of marriages continue to be arranged.

d. 70 percent

Which of the following statements about marriage around the world is NOT true?

b. Hungary encourages later marriage and childbearing than Sweden

A recent survey of more than 3,000 adults revealed that premarital education was linked to all of the following EXCEPT:

a. lower level of marital satisfaction.

It is recommended that premarital education begin approximately:

b. 6 months to a year before the wedding.

One of the benefits of marriage is:

a. increased longevity.

. Which of the following factors is NOT associated with an increase in divorce?

a. marrying late in life

When couples divorce in the United States, they do so during which years of marriage?

c. fifth through tenth

Both divorced women and divorced men complain of all of the following EXCEPT:

b. lowered sexual gratification.

On average, divorced adults remarry within _____ years after their divorce.

c. 3

With regard to the timing of remarriage, in the United States:

a. men tend to remarry sooner than women do.

Which of the following is NOT true regarding remarried families?

c. Remarriage often lowers the financial status of remarried adults.

Which of the following is NOT one of John Gottman’s seven main principles that determine whether a marriage will work?

b. solving perpetual conflicts

All of the following are myths about gay and lesbian couples EXCEPT:

d. half of committed gay male couples have open relationships that allows the possibility of sex.

Which of the following is NOT a myth about parenting?

b. having a child requires some training

Kelly has just given birth to her first baby at age 37; her best friend, Olivia, age 26, just gave birth to her first child. Which of the following is likely to be TRUE for these new mothers?

b. Olivia will probably have had an easier pregnancy and birth than Kelly.

Which of the following is an outcome of the growing childbearing trend of having fewer children?

c. Men are apt to invest a greater amount of time in fathering.

Which one of the following is an advantage of having children later?

c. parents have a better idea of what they want from their family roles

Which of the following is an advantage of having children earlier?

c. The mother is likely to have fewer medical problems with pregnancy and childbirth.

According to E. Mavis Hetherington’s research, the largest group of divorced people falls into the category of:

a. the good enoughs.

Which of the following is NOT true of the divorced group identified as enhancers?

b. Most of them were males.

After Mildred’s divorce, she went back to college, renewed old acquaintanceships, and took up ballroom dancing. She chose the pathway of:

d. the enhancer.

Davis’s divorce was final just last week, and already he is out looking for a new romantic relationship. Davis is a(n):

b. seeker.

. Sandra and Tom divorced after an 18-year marriage when Tom left Sandra for his colleague. Since the divorce 2 years ago, Sandra has been promoted in her job, has an active social life with her friends, and has taken up golf. When her friends suggest that she meet a man, however, Sandra tells them that she has no interest in men and that she is really quite content with her life. Sandra is a(n):

b. competent loner.

Gayle’s divorce was final last year. For the first 6 months after the divorce, Gayle spent every evening after work in a singles bar and she had several casual affairs. Now, however, she is content to have dinner with her friends and go home alone. Gayle is a(n):

c. libertine.

Deborah Tannen analyzed the talk of men and women and found that compared with women, men more commonly engage in _____ talk, because for men, talk is for _____.

b. report; information

For men, talk is _____, whereas for women, talk is _____.

b. informational; interactional

Which of the following differences in communication of men and women has research shown to be TRUE?

b. Men and women cannot be distinguished from one another in their references to anger and sexuality.

Miller, Tannen, and other gender experts such as Carol Gilligan believe that women are more relationship-oriented than men and that:

b. this should be prized as a skill in our culture more than it currently is

What is a major criticism of the relationship-orientation view regarding women?

. The view of gender differences in relationships is too stereotypical.

Marcos feels pulled to act strong and independent both at work and at home with his family. However, his wife complains that he is not understanding and gentle. Marcos is experiencing:

b. role strain.

According to Ron Levant (2002), which of the following is NOT a way in which men can reconstruct their masculinity?

c. adopt more feminine traits

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