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"We are seeking good relations with the Soviet Union. We are seeking good relations with Communist China and the interests of world peace require good relations between the Soviet Union and Communist China." -President Richard Nixon

Based on the quote, President Nixon believed that

establishing friendly international ties and coexistence would prevent a nuclear warfare outbreak

Which statement reflects U.S. concerns regarding the Middle East in the 1970s?

U.S. leaders worked to improve relations with foreign countries to protect its access to natural resources.

Line graph entitled "Population 1960 thru 2000". The graph shows in 1960 a population of 175 million, in 1970 a population of 200 million, in 1980 a population of 225 million, in 1990 a population of 250 million and in 2000 a population of 275 million.
© 2012 FLVS

Based on the graph above, the U.S. population in the 1970s was

increasing, placing greater pressure on leadership to solve problems like inflation

Which of the following caused inflation in the U.S. during the 1970s?

foreign events and the increase in unemployed Americans

The SALT talks of the 1970s

reduced tensions with the Soviet Union

Which of the following is a fair assessment of the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC) organization?

OPEC is mainly an economic group but will make use of its power over oil for political reasons.

When conflicts arose between Middle Eastern countries in the 1970s, which country did the U.S support?


"…Congress was hearing testimony concerning NAFTA. If this agreement is signed as it is currently drafted, the next thing you will hear will be a giant sucking sound as the remainder of our manufacturing jobs–what’s left after the two million that went to Asia in the 1980s–get pulled across our southern border." — Ross Perot, Not For Sale At Any Price

According to Ross Perot, the "giant sucking sound" is the

loss of jobs to Mexico that he predicted NAFTA would cause

Which of the following statements accurately reflects the results of the Presidential election in 2000?

The Supreme Court intervened when Florida’s recounts prevented an end and George Bush won with a small margin of votes.

Which of the following correctly matches the president to his foreign policy event?

George Bush – end of the Cold War

How did Hurricane Katrina lead to renewed concerns over civil rights in the United States?

The government was slow to respond and most of the victims were poor African Americans.

What does the term "outsourcing" mean when used by the U.S. media?

It is the building of businesses in foreign countries.

How was the election of 2008 important?

It marks the first time a major political party has nominated an African American for its presidential candidate.

Three people dressed in black are wearing masks and signs. The signs have names, dates of death from 2000 to 2008 and locations like Gaza and Iraq. The masks make their faces look sad and serious. Behind them are two police officers on horseback. In the background, the White House can be seen through a large fence.
© Bill Clark / Roll Call Photos Inc. / Newscom / Universal Images Group/Image Quest 2012

In 2009, these demonstrators stood in front of the White House bearing the names of Arabs who had died in the War on Terror. Which of the following makes a true statement about the image?

It reflects the public’s decreasing support for the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and leadership from the government.

What did the United States accomplish during its War on Terror?

successfully removed brutal regimes from power in Iraq and Afghanistan

Which of the following is true about concern for "WMDs" in Iraq?

Hussein was a suspected supporter of Al-Qaeda who could have given them nuclear and biological weapons.

Which of the following is a true statement about the effects of terrorism on U.S. immigration?

U.S. immigration policy grew stricter in response to fear of terrorists within the domestic borders

The United States invaded Iraq in 1991 and 2003. What was different about these invasions?

In 1991 the goal was to end the takeover of Kuwait, while in 2003 it was to actually remove Hussein from power.

"The Patriot Act is vital to the war on terror and defending our citizens against a ruthless enemy." — President George Bush, 2006

Who is the "ruthless enemy" in the quote?

supporters of terrorism

Several city buildings can be seen in the foreground of the picture. In the background two very tall buildings can be seen. They look very similar each other. One has a tall radio tower on the top and a large amount of smoke is pouring out of the uppermost floors. Smoke is also coming from the second building, starting a little farther down than the first.
© John B. Senter III / Omni-Photo Communications, Inc. / Universal Images Group/ Image Quest 2012

Who was responsible for the attack pictured in this image?


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