Language arts 12 (the last cumulative exam answers.)

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Some of these answers may be incorrect- But I still passed with a 92% sooooo most of it is right.

Which words show that the lyric poem is written from the perspective of a single speaker?

B "my" and "I"

How does the parallel structure of these sentences help Roosevelt achieve his purpose?

Not B – Maybe D The consistent structure reinforces how the food sent abroad should be used.

What is the complication in this excerpt?

A.) Dr. Jekyll’s formula will work only with an impure salt he can no longer find.

The best way for Yasmin to finish the introduction is to introduce


Which phrases from the excerpt provide visual details? Check all that apply.

actually made of brass" "the size of an A3 piece of paper" "show figures in high relief"

This excerpt best illustrates which feature of a comedy of manners?

a commentary on marriage

In this passage, the author uses humor to comment on the

foolishness of people.

The topic of the personal statement can best be described as the

pursuit of a career in geology.

Which part of the sentence should be hyphenated?

not b family owned" maybe maybe d, Chocolate covered

Which sentence should be revised to include commas to set off a nonrestrictive element?

The TV show which we watch together airs on Friday nights.

Which statement best explains the function of the bulleted list in this excerpt?

It summarizes the primary focus of information in the text.

Which scene would most clearly create an appropriate mood on a movie poster for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Dr. Jekyll urgently mixing chemicals in his science lab

All people who exercise regularly are more fun to be around.

What is the best revision of the sentence that avoids bias?

People who exercise regularly are often more fun to be around.

Which statement best describes how Williams’s poem represents the painting?

Williams narrates the scene by describing characters’ actions.

In this excerpt, Wells entertains readers by

using vivid sensory details.

What word(s) offer context clues about the meaning of the word commodities?

gold and ivory"

The best way to improve the conclusion is to

revise sentence 1 to restate a specific topic.

Which idea is typically associated with the word "coarse"?


To improve the logical flow of the paragraph, the best place to move sentence 7 is before

sentence 3.

Since the passage shows how MacGregor perceives and discusses the topic of the Sudanese slit drum, it is an example of a


Which are examples of strong evidence that could be used to support a claim in a debate? Check all that apply.

examples facts statistics

Which analysis correctly identifies the pronoun error and solution?

The pronoun "it" should be changed to "the song."

Which prediction is most supported by the passage?

Utterson will suspect that Jekyll is once again involved with Hyde.

How does this excerpt connect to the theme "Secrets isolate people"?

Dr. Jekyll feels alone in his unfortunate situation.

Which persuasive techniques are used in this poster? Check all that apply.

a simple solution to a problem fear over a possible outcome

How is Poe’s word choice different than Byron’s?

not d Poe confesses more about shortcomings than Byron. maybe A Poe’s description is more grand and worldly than Byron’s.

What can be concluded about the speaker’s perspective by the allusions to sonnets and the moor’s eclipse?

The speaker thinks that the riot police and skinheads have a common history.

Which sentence provides the best supporting evidence for the claim?

A 1993 study showed that teachers tend to favor males over females, thereby creating an inequality in mixed-gender schools.

Which sentence uses a subjective pronoun correctly?

Laura and I have written an original play for this year’s festival.

The poem’s allusion to the 1981 Brixton riot

illustrates the strong feelings associated with the poem’s subject matter.

Noni is trying to make her question more complex. Which is the best revision?

not D What materials did the Wright brothers use to build their first powered airplane? Maybe C

The author uses paradox in the sentence to create a sense of


The literary device used in this line is a(n)


Which would be the most effective tagline for this movie poster?

There is an evil lurking inside us all!

Luiza’s paragraph can best be described as a(n)

not A detailed description. Probably C objective summary

Which source could best help answer the research question "Does cutting art and music programs impact high school students’ academic success?"

a government website that includes a study about a music program at a school

Identify reasons that support this claim. Check all that apply.

not 125 maybe 145

Wells creates an aesthetic impact on the reader by

moving from longer to shorter sentences to create excitement in the reader.

What do Dr. Jekyll’s thoughts reveal about him in this excerpt?

He is proud and enthusiastic about his initial results.

Little lamb, who made thee?

By regularly repeating this line in the poem, Blake uses the line as a


Both "The Tiger" and "The Lamb" convey similar messages, also called


The author uses imagery to help the reader

visualize the tiger in the forest as beautiful but dangerous.

Which action best illustrates a character vs. character conflict?

Mr. Hyde clubs and tramples the old gentleman to death in the street.

Based on this excerpt, which detail would create the most suspense about the nature of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s relationship?

the discovery of the other half of the stick

One advantage of reading Sudanese Slit Drum, rather than listening to it in a podcast, is that the reader

sets the pace.

Read the passage from A Princess of Mars.

The setting affects the narrator by making him

not weary from trying to get away. Maybe c curious about how to break out.

The aspect of setting that has the most impact on this story is the

not social context, Maybe cultural context

The narrator says that other people characterize him as


From the way the old man is characterized in the excerpt, the reader can conclude that he was


The best way to summarize the narrator’s internal conflict is that he is

not d worried his own heart will explode from terror. i think the answer is a

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