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Which best defines a "talkie" during the 1920s?

a film with sound

In the 1920s, mass media helped popularize which of these sports heroes?

Babe Ruth

What feature did radio in the 1920s offer that other inventions did not offer?

People could listen to music in real time.

Why were prominent American writers of the 1920s called the "lost generation"?

They had trouble adjusting to life in the postwar era.

Both Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald were

pessimistic novelists.

A major theme of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work was the idea that the post-war world

was empty and meaningless.

A major change women experienced during the post-World War I era was that they started

working outside the home.

Clara Bow impacted other 1920s-era women by

representing the fashion and rebellion of the era.

Which statement best explains the relationship between new forms of entertainment in the 1920s and the fads of the era?

The availability of radio and film helped spread the word about new fads.

Two women who were writers during the in the 1920s were

Edith Wharton and Willa Cather.

How did Henry Ford’s Model T contribute to the culture of the Roaring Twenties?

The Model T stimulated an overall feeling of prosperity

Which statement best explains how going to work affected women during and after World War I?

Working gave women a newfound independence, so they continued to work in different kinds of jobs.

Which is true about the "lost generation"?

They did not think the lifestyle of the 1920s was desirable.

What new form of entertainment helped to popularize ragtime and jazz in the early 1900s?


A form of rebellion specifically for women during the Jazz Age was

cutting their hair.

Why was the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties?

The decade ushered in an era of prosperity and rebellion.

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