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What method does an SDHC card use for storing data?

Reprogrammable memory

Which storage device uses magnetic film or aluminum platters for strong data?

Hard disk

Which of the following is typically used for large data backups of servers?

DLT tape

You need a storage device that has very large storage capacity, is fast, and is relatively inexpensive. Which storage device will best suit your needs?

Hard disk

Which of the following are advantages of solid state storage compared to hard drives?

Lower power requirements No moving parts

Which of the following is not an advantage of SSDs over HDDs?


What method does an eMMC card use for storing data?

Non volatile memory chips

Which of the following are magnetic storage devices?

Tape Drive Hard Disk

A flash device and storage capacity similar to a small hard drive
Uses lasers to read and write information stored in the form of pits in their reflective coating
Up to several TB in storage capacity and cost per MB is cheap
Faster than other devices. No moving parts. Last longer than other storage devices
Ideal for music and video. Portable and cheap with a long shelf life

HDD SSD Optical Disc HDD SSD Optical Disc

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