ISDS 3115 Chapter 1-2

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Which of the following tasks would NOT typically represent an operations management activity at hard rock cafe?

filing a tax return

The creation of goods and services is referred to as?


Which of the following is not considered to be one of the three primary functions that all organizations perform?

research and development

Three primary functions:

-marketing -production/operations -finance/accounting

Which of the following is NOT an operations activity?


A global network of organizations and activities that supply a firm with goods and services is referred to as:

supply chain

Competition in the 21st century is no longer between companies; it is between:

supply chains

A large percentage of the revenue of most firms is spent on which function?


Which of these is NOT one of the basic function of the management process?


Functions of the management process:

-planning -organizing -staffing -leading -controlling

Which of the following OM decisions determines how a good or service is produced and commits management to specific technology, human resources, and capital investment?

process and capacity design

The father of scientific management is:

frederick w taylor

The person who believed that management must do more to improve the work environment and process so that quality can be improved was:

w edwards deming

The economic activities that typically provide an intangible product are referred to as:


Which of the following organizations does NOT belong to the serve sector?

ford motor company

Productivity increases when:

inputs decrease while outputs remain the same

What is the goal for mass customization?

the goal is to produce customized products, whenever and wherever needed.

Which of the following is NOT considered to be a stakeholder?


Which of the following is not one of the factors that fosters specialization and worldwide supply chains?


Which of the following does NOT contribute to OM?

Unsystematic processing of data

Which of the following trends is NOT part of the exciting OM challenges currently facing operation managers?

local focus

In general, the supply chain starts with:

the provider of basic raw materials

Which appears to provide the best opportunity for increase in productivity?


The person who introduced standardized, interchangeable parts was

eli whitney

Which of the following activities at a commercial bank is NOT an operations activity?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of services?

standardized product

Which of these is NOT one of the 10 strategic OM decisions?


Which of the following best defines scheduling?

Determines and implements intermediate – and short term schedules that effectively and efficiently utilize both personnel and facilities while meeting customer demands.

Which operations function at a manufacturing facility strives for the efficient use of machine, space, and personnel?

industrial engineering

Which of the following is an example of a "hidden" production function?

transplanting a liver.

Which of the following is not one of the four reasons we study OM?

We want to understand what marketing managers do.

The stated purpose of NAFTA is to:

phase out all trade and tariff barriers among Canada, Mexico, and the US

Which of the following is NOT a reason why domestic business operations decide to change to some form inter nation operation?

attract and retain local talent

A strategy is:

an action plan to achieve a mission

Which of the following is the purpose or rationale for an organizations existence?


A correct example of differentiation and its explanation:

Starbucks as it provides the special atmosphere and aroma of fresh coffee

A correct example of cost leadership and its explanation:

walmart, it has the low overhead and huge buying power to pressure its suppliers into concessions.

Choose the correct example of response and its explanation:

Johnson electric, as it competes on speed-speed in design, production, and delivery.

Competing on differentiation is:

concerned with uniqueness

Which of the following does not represent competing on response?

Based on providing unqueness

Which of the following is not one of the 10 strategic OM decisions listed in the text?


Which of the following is NOT an OM strategy/issue during the growth stage of the product life cycle?

reduce capacity

SWOT analysis refers to:

strengths, oppurtunities, weaknesses, and threats

Which of these is not an advantage of outsourcing?

potential creation of future competition

An international business is a firm that

engages in international trade or environment

Which of the following inter nation operations strategies uses decentralized authority with substantial autonomy at each business?


Which of the following statements is incorrect about the mission?

Each functional area within the firm may develop its own strategy but not its own supporting mission

The creation of a unique advantage over competitors is referred as:

competitive advantage

Which of the following is NOT one of the three strategic approaches to competitive advantage?


A method managers use to evaluate the resources at their disposal and manage or alter them to achieve competitive advantage is referred to as:

resources view

Which of the following is not an om stratedy/issue during the introduction stage of the product life cycle?

long production runs

Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding globalization and globalization strategies?

Globilization strategies could simplify the operations manager’s job.

Which of the following inter nation operation strategies involves a high degree of centralization?


What is a graphical link of competitive advantage, KSFs, and supporting activities?

activity map

Competing on cost is

achieiving maximum value as perceived by the customer

Which of their is NOT a disadvantage of outsourcing?

decrease logistics and inventory costs

Operation management is applicable:

to all firms, whether manufacturing or service.

The 10 strategic operations management decisions include:

-process and capacity design -managing quality -layout strategy -maintenance

Current challenges in OM include:

-ethics -global focus -environmentally sensitive production -rapid product development -mass customization -empowered employees -supply chain partnering -just in time performance

The total of all outputs produced by the reansformation produces divided by the total of the inputs is:

multi-factor productivity

Which of the following statements regarding the Dreamliner 787 is true?

-the new aircraft incorporates a wide range of aerospace technologies -the new aircraft engine from not one, but two manufacturers -boeiing has found partners in over a dozen countries -boeing will add only 20 or 30 percent to the aircrafts value

Which of the following statements about organization missions is FALSE?

They are formulated rafter strategies are known.

The ability of an organization to produce goods or services that have some uniqueness in their characteristics is:

competing on differentiation

Which of the following OM strategy/issues should a firm with a product in the maturity stage of its life cycle be the least concerned with at the present time?

`increase capacity

10 OM decisions:

Product Quality Process Location Layout Human? resource Supply chain Inventory Scheduling Maintenance

forecasting steps:

1) determine the use of the forecast 2) select the items to be forecasted 3) determine the time horizon on the forecast 4) select the forecasting models 5) gather the data needed to make the forecast 6) select the forecasting models 7) Validate and implement the results

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