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Which of the following problems does the information age pose for organizations?

Collecting the vast amounts of data that are being generated Storing the data that are being collected Processing and analyzing the data that are being stored All of these

The term "data rot" refers to

The deterioration of the medium on which the data are stored ( Data that no longer serve a purpose. Data that are irrelevant or contain errors. All of these)

Data redundancy refers to:

Having copies of the same data in multiple locations. (Storing data in a single central location. Sharing data with others. All of these)

In the United States, federal law requires companies to store, evaluate, and disclose financial data for fixed periods of time, even if the company no longer has any use for the data. T


The management of data across the entire organization is most accurately defined as:

Data governance. ( Data integration. Data control. Data administration )

A database must be associated with only one computer program or information system. F


A group of related fields is generally called a data file.


A data model is the diagrammatic representation of a database that clearly defines a database’s ___ , ____ and ____.

Entities, attributes, relationships. (Entity classes, hierarchy, files. Data hierarchy, data attributes, data files. Entity classes, entity attributes, entity files.)

A standardized language used to manipulate data is _____.

Query-by-example language (MS-Access Oracle None of these )

A relational database typically consists of one large two-dimensional table. F


_____ is a method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form.

Normalization ( Structured query Query-by-example Relational analysis)

The data dictionary stores definitions of data elements, characteristics that use the data elements, physical representation of the data elements, data ownership, and security.


A data warehouse is a low-cost, scaled-down version of a data mart designed for the end-user needs in a department in a large organization.



Operational data that are constantly updated are stored in:

Database ( Data warehouses. Data marts. All of these)

Online analytical processing involves the analysis of accumulated data by end users.


____ is the cumulative store of subjective or experiential learning.

Tacit knowledge ( Explicit knowledge Intellectual capital None of these)

Knowledge management systems (KMS) are used by organizations to capture, store, and disseminate knowledge within the organization. T


____ is a process that helps organizations identify, select, organize, disseminate, transfer, and apply expertise that is part of the organization’s memory and typically resides inside the organization in an unstructured manner.

Knowledge management ( Discovery Decision support Data minin )

CoStar faced pushback from the real estate community in the Washington area, and eventually in every city in which the company began operations, because commercial real estate brokers did not want the buying or selling process to be transparent. This situation is clearly illustrates how CoStar’s database system produced information and business intelligence that changed the real estate market in terms of:

Decreased suppliers’ bargaining power ( Increased suppliers’ bargaining power. Decreased buyers’ bargaining power. None of these)

The use of databases enables organizations to (choose all that apply):

Minimize data inconsistency. Minimize data isolation. Minimize data security risks (Eliminate data integrity. Eliminate data redundancy.)

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