IP- Cardiac Cycle

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ventricular diastole

Isovolumetric relaxation and ventricular filling (two phases of the cardiac cycle) take place during __________.

Most blood flows passively into the ventricles through open AV valves.

Which of the following is correct about the filling of the ventricles?

Pressure in the atria would be greater than the pressure in the ventricles.

Describe the pressures in the atria and ventricles that would cause the opening of the AV valves.

higher ventricular pressure than aortic pressure

What causes the aortic semilunar valve to close?

isovolumetric contraction, ventricular ejection, isovolumetric relaxation

Put the phases of the cardiac cycle in the correct order, starting after ventricular filling.

AV valves only

Increased pressure in the ventricles would close what valve(s)?

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