Introduction to Proof

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Which are correct statements regarding proofs? Check all that apply.

In a paragraph proof, statements and their justifications are written in sentences in a logical order. A two-column proof consists of a list of statements and the reasons the statements are true. A paragraph proof id a two-column proof in sentence form. A flowchart proof includes a logical series of statements in boxes with connecting arrows.

Given that D is the midpoint of AB and K is the midpoint of BC, which statement must be true?

d. AK + BK = AC

Segment AB is congruent to segment AB.

This statement shows the __________ property.


A two-column proof

b. contains a table with a logical series of statements and reasons that reach a conclusion.

A paragraph proof

d. contains a set of sentence explaining the steps needed to reach a conclusion.

We are given that m<AEB = 45° and <AEC is a right angle. The measure of <AEC is 90° by the definition of a right angle. Applying the _________________________ gives m<AEB + m<AEC. Applying the substitution property gives 45°, so….

angle addition postulate

What is the missing justification?

a. transitive property

Given that BA bisects <DBC, which statement must be true?

a. m<ABD = m<ABC

Given that &lt;ABC ~= &lt;DBE, which statement must be true?

b. <ABD ~= <CBE

The last line of a proof represents

c. the conclusion.

If m&lt;A = M&lt;B and m&lt;A + m&lt;C = &lt;D, then m&lt;B + m&lt;C = &lt;D.

Which property is shown?

b. substitution property.

Which statement is true about the diagram?

a. K is the midpoint of AB

Which statement is true about the given information?

c. BD ~= CE

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