Introduction to Circles

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If m = m, what is m?

64 (degrees)

Which steps would prove the circles similar?

Translate the circles so they share a common center point, and dilate circle Y by a scale factor of 3. ***3

Which equatino can be used to find the measure of EHG?

mEHG + 80 + 35 = 360

What is the measure of CED?

212 (degrees)

In circle D what is a secant?


How are the semicircle and the diameter of a circle related?

The degree measure of the diameter and the degree measure of the semicircle are the same.

What is mBC?

XXX 80 (degrees) XXX 100 (degrees)

What is the measure of EBC?

XXX 210 (degrees) XXX 180 (degrees) XXX 201

What is the measure of EFC?

XXX 54 (degrees)

The measure of is 240. What is the ratio of the measure of the major arc to the measure of the minor arc?

XXX 3:1

In circle D, what is the tangent to the circle?


What is true regarding chords and diameters of circles?

Both chords and diameters have two endpoints on a circle. Diameters must intersect the center of a circle.

What does most specifically describe?

A major arc

What is mST?

130 (degrees)

What is the measure of EG?


What is the measure of ADB?

XXX 107

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