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market intermediaties

organizations that assist in moving goods and services from producers to businesses to consumers

channel of distribution

a whole set of marketing intermediates such as agents , brokers, whole salers and retailers that joint together to transport and store goods in their path or channel from producers to consumers.


marketing intermediary that sells to other organizations


an organization that sells to ultimate consumers


all the technique sellers use to inform people about and motivate them to buy their products or services.

promotion mix

the combination of promotion tools an organization uses.

A promotional campaign begins with what?

identify a target market , define objective …determine a promotional budget

The traditional promotion mix for a firm consists of the:

advertising,personal selling , public relations,sales promotion .


paid non personal communication through various media by organization and individuals and who are in some way identified in the advertising message .


all length Tv program devoted exclusively to promoting goods or services.

Financial managers;

managers who examine financial data prepare by accountant and recommend strategies for improving the financial performance of the firm.


a professional accountant has met certain educational and experience requirement passed a qualifying exam and been certified by the institute of certified management accountants


the function in a business that acquires funds for the firm and managers those funds within the firm.

Undercapitalization refers to the problem of what?

insufficient funds to start the business


an accountant who passes a series of examination established by the american institute of certified public accountants .

internal auditor

is a catalyst for improving an organization’s governance, risk management and management controls by providing insight and recommendations based on analyses and assessments of data and business processes.

financial manager’s Do

planning , auditing , managing taxes, budgeting, advising top management on financial matters obtaining funds , controlling funds, collecting funds .

To minimize the firm’s tax consequences.

internal auditor

initial public offering (IPO)

the first public offering of a corporation’s stock

primary market.

handle the sales of new securities

secondary market.

handles the trading of these securities between investors with the proceeds of the sale going to the investor selling the stock not to corporation whose stock is sold.

selling common stock.

common stock

is the most basic form of ownership in a firm it confers voting rights and the right to share the firm profits through dividend if approved by the firm board of directors


anything that generally accept as payment for goods and services


the direct trading of goods and services for others goods and services


money included in M-1 plus money that may take a little more time to obtain saving account , money market , mutual funds , certificates of deposit

Federal Reserve System


money that can be assessed quickly and easily coins, paper money , checks traveler’s checks.

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