Intro to business chapter 4 quiz

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The danger in writing new laws to correct behavior is that:

People may begin to think that any behavior that is legal is acceptable.

Environmental quality is considered to be a public good. This means that:

everyone enjoys a cleaner environment regardless of who pays for it.

With respect to business ethics, it can be said that "it takes two to tango." This indicates that:

an individual’s behavior is influenced by the behavior of others.

Purposefully understating your firm’s income to avoid paying higher taxes is an example of:

Illegal behavior.

When managers disregard ethical concerns, the likely result is:

a general mistrust between workers and management.

Business is under pressure from society to be more socially responsible. However, even the strongest advocates for corporate responsibility can’t seem to agree:

on what social responsibility involves.

While speaking with his sales force, the director of sales explains, "Anyone caught violating a sales law will be fired." After studying business ethics, you recognize this remark as a reference to the firm’s __________ ethics.


A U.S. government official has indicated that for a generous contribution to his reelection fund, he would ignore your firm’s apparent violation of several anti-pollution laws. Which of the following "ethics check questions" would you consider first?

Is it legal

Management’s philosophy at Apple, Inc. has often stated that a fit body contributes to more productivity at work. Apple provides exercise facilities at most of its sites across America, and permits employees to use a half-hour of work time each day to relieve stress through exercise. This serious position on physical fitness is part of Apple’s ___________.

corporate policy

What is the benefit of employing an ethics officer?

This individual’s job is dedicated to investigating ethics breaches in an objective manner. If necessary, employees feel comfortable in communicating confidentially with this professional.

A phone call to a government official by an employee of the Enron Corporation disclosed the deception and dishonesty of the firm’s accounting records. This employee played the role of a


An important source of public scrutiny is "watchdogs." These are

socially-conscious groups that make it their mission to measure the social responsibility levels of businesses, and provide consumers with their opinions about the level of corporate responsibility of various companies.

A very critical last step in the process of establishing an ethics code is __________.


friend offers to share with you a term paper previously prepared for her Introduction to Business class last semester. When you tell her that it wouldn’t be fair, she reminds you of your habit of reading an entire Harry Potter book at the local bookstore without paying for the book. Which ethics-based question would be most helpful in evaluating these situations?

Is it balanced

When it comes to social responsibility, some people feel that "before you can do good, you must do well." This reflects a firm’s primary responsibility to its:


Which of the following would most likely involve ethical concerns?

overstating an expense report

Top management at Big Bend Motorcycle Company is convinced that the company has a social responsibility to its community. Management believes that the firm can have the greatest impact in this area through cash contributions to nonprofit organizations. This is an example of:

corporate philanthropy

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