intro to bus pt. 3

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The head of the marketing department at CBS Environmental, Inc. supervises twelve people in her department.
This represents her

span of management.

The various tasks in IBM’s manufacturing plant are arranged so that one worker draws the wiring, another strengthens the wires, a third cuts them, a fourth inserts them, and a fifth seals them together. This is an example of job


A corporate culture is generally defined as the

inner rites, rituals, heroes, and values of a firm.

The __________________ structure is considered the simplest and the oldest form of organizational structure.


A small restaurant with wait staff that reports to staff manager who reports to a floor manager who reports to the restaurant manager is a clear example of a(n) ________________ organizational structure.


When you encounter an organization where employees are quite intense, focused, and determined to win, you have encountered an organization with a(n) ____________________ culture.


Which of the following statements about accountability is false?

Managers delegate accountability.

Mark left his position as a manager for JCPenney after two years. He complained of being burned out from having to fulfill too many roles and tasks for one position. Mark probably never learned to use the tool of


A benefit of job specialization is that it

is easier to train new employees.

In a recent task force meeting, the human resources manager gave many reasons why the organization needed some specialization. In so doing, she stated that

the more specialized the job, the easier it is to train new employees when an employee quits or is absent.

Joel Green has been working at The Bicycle Superstore for about two weeks. This morning he noticed that the store’s inventory on bicycle tire repair kits is out, but he is unsure of whom he should report to for approval to place an order for more kits. Joel is unclear about the

chain of command.

Citibank has one group of loan officers who handle consumer loans and another group who work in the commercial loan area. Grouping work units this way is known as departmentalization by


The examination of work in process for the purpose of controlling quality is called


Thad is in charge of examining the quality of work in process at a furniture factory. Thad’s duty is referred to as


The amount of products or services an organization can produce in a given time is known as


Chase is excited because he has just signed an agreement to purchase steel frames from a company at an excellent price and of very high quality. Once the contract begins, Chase eagerly awaits the first shipment, but it arrives a month behind the agreed-upon schedule, which slows down production at Chase’s plant. Chase is furious because
he realizes too late that this supplier

is unreliable.

One primary difference between services and the production of goods is that services are consumed _________________ whereas goods can be ___________________.

immediately; stored

When Panasonic improves the sound, clarity, and ease of operation offered by its DVD player, it is

refining its existing product.

A team of engineers at General Motors is in charge of discovering new knowledge that can be used to make automobiles safer and more economical. These engineers are conducting

applied research.

When Black & Decker manufactures its wide array of tools, it is using a(n) _______________ process.


When a manufacturer like ExxonMobil refines crude oil, that corporation is using a(n) ________________ process.


Product extension and refinement

extend the product life cycle.

Needles, Inc. has five of its ten products at the end of the product life cycle. To maintain its market share, the firm must at least find ways to

extend or refine the want-satisfying capability of its products.

A situation in which machines and equipment do most of the work is known as

a capital-intensive technology.

Billy is in charge of obtaining the flour, sugar, and other ingredients needed for her employer, Baker’s Café. Billy is in charge of


Which of the following statements is false?

For most businesses, quality costs too much money.

Periodically, employees at Southwest Airlines complete satisfaction surveys that management uses to improve employee job satisfaction. This is an example of

employee relations.

Leading Lady, a manufacturer of maternity wear, maintains a database of information that records the various skills and abilities of its employees. This database can be referred to as a

skills inventory.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and its amended version in 1986 apply directly to

discrimination based on age.

A firm attempting to reduce the size of its workforce may use several approaches. The approach most likely to be saved as a last resort is


The Equal Pay Act applies directly to

equal pay for equal work.

Employment applications are used for two purposes: to familiarize interviewers with applicants’ backgrounds and to

identify applicants who are worthy of further scrutiny.

John works for Texas Instruments. His tasks involve traveling to nearby colleges, interviewing students for hire after graduation, selecting certain ones to be invited for an office visit, and acquainting them with the facilities. He is in which phase of the HRM process?

Acquiring human resources

The process of attracting qualified job applicants is called


All of the following are relevant areas for employment tests except

all of the above are relevant areas for employment tests.

All of the following are elements of an effective employee reward system except

maximizing the amount of money spent on employee compensation.

The policies and strategies pertaining to employee compensation comprise a

compensation system.

A computerized data bank containing information on the skills and experience of all employees is called

a skills inventory.

Determining how the work environment affects productivity was the original objective of

the Hawthorne studies.

The idea that satisfaction and dissatisfaction are distinct dimensions is referred to as

the motivation-hygiene theory.

Jane Freeman, a merchandise manager at JCPenney, has just been informed by her superior that all managers in
the store have been reassigned departments of responsibility because top management has done some reorganizing. Jane previously was in charge of the infants’ department and the girls’ department, and now she is also in charge of the boys’ department. This is an example of

job enrichment.

Nathan discovers that his mortgage company’s employees are working very slowly because they are afraid that, if they finish the loans they are currently processing, they will run out of work and lose their jobs. Nathan’s employees are


According to Theory X by McGregor, managers assume that employees

dislike work and need to be controlled.

According to Theory Y by McGregor, managers think people

have the ability to help accomplish an organization’s goals.

Which of the following forms of reinforcement is considered the most effective?

Positive reinforcement

Behavior modification as applied to business management is mainly based on

reinforcement theory.

In the first set of Hawthorne experiments dealing with lighting, the main conclusion was that

a sense of involvement affects production.

Mary Jo Lee received a special cash award for her perfect attendance record over the past two years. By giving this reward, this company is practicing

positive reinforcement.

The end result of the Hawthorne studies was an unexpected one, which found that

employees’ motivation to work is influenced by human factors.

The stage of team development in which a team reaches its full potential is called


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