Intro-Into-Business- Ch. 7 Mini-Case Study

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The role of managers at Best Buy has evolved. Today’s managers must

A. let workers do what they want.
B. be overseers.
C. be team players.
D. be strict bosses.
E. be micromanagers.

C. be team players.

Best Buy believes that giving employees in the Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) program the freedom to schedule their own work time is the most effective way of meeting both organization and employee goals. The four functions of management involved in ROWE include all of the following except

A. controlling.
B. financing.
C. planning.
D. leading.
E. organizing.

B. financing.

When John Thompson became a manager in the ROWE program, he had to change his leadership style to

A. participative.
B. autocratic.
C. transitory.
D. free-rein.
E. strategic.

D. free-rein.

Zappos was created and made possible by a changing business-environmental factor. This factor is

A. political.
B. legal.
C. technology.
D. competition.
E. sociocultural.

C. technology.

The style of leadership at Zappos is most closely aligned with

A. autocratic leadership.
B. free-rein leadership.
C. equity financing.
D. participative leadership.
E. country club management.

B. free-rein leadership.

Companies often use ______________ to create long-term strategic plans for the organization

A. a strategic matrix
B. an organizational chart
C. a planning zone
D. a SWOT analysis
E. contingency plans

D. a SWOT analysis

Zappos trains, educates, and gives its employees the knowledge to make decisions in the workplace. This philosophy is referred to as

A. selling.
B. educating.
C. managing.
D. direct investment.
E. enabling.

E. enabling.

The customer who purchases the product from Zappos would be called

A. a Zappo.
B. an external customer.
C. an owner.
D. an internal customer.
E. a happy customer.

B. an external customer.

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