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Without the force of friction, people would not be able to walk.


The energy derived from the digestion of food is __________.

chemical energy

One consequence of Newton’s third law of motion is that __________.

all actions have opposite reactions

Bill is throwing a football at four targets and attempting to knock them over. Which of the following targets will be hardest for him to knock over?

the 150-gram nylon target

The aerobic system starts producing energy during prolonged periods of light to moderate exercise.


Gravity is an attractive force that decreases as the mass of an object increases.


Real-world efficiencies are generally very high, in the 90 percent range.


Friction is a force in which two objects __________.

slide agaisnt each other

According to Newton’s third law of motion, if you push against a wall, the wall will __________.

push up agaisnt you with equal force

Human movement involves the complex interplay of many body systems.


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