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The penguin image shown here is the logo an operating system that first appeared in


pink desktop with icons
The desktop pictured above is Ubuntu, which is a "flavor" of


Boot Camp is a software package that allows you to run _____ on a _____.

Windows; Mac

Yosemite is the newest version of which operating system?


_____ currently runs just over 80 percent of the mobile phones on the market.

Android OS

A Mac operating system isn’t designed to run on a Windows computer. This is called _____ dependency.


Chromebooks have a(n) _____ startup time and store settings, applications, and documents _____.

8-second; in the cloud

Windows was initially a graphical user interface layered on top of this operating system.


To a great extent, _____ is based on UNIX.


According to Chapter 4, the industries of graphic design and photo imaging have been historically strong markets for


Which of the following operating systems uses a command-line interface?


The term platform is used to describe the combination of _____ and _____ used to run applications.

hardware architecture; software

Linux is different from the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems in that it

is open source.

Which of the following operating systems runs on tablets?

Chrome OS

Who developed Linux?

Linus Torvalds

_____ is a(n) Linux-based operating system meant to appeal to people who work primarily in web-based applications.

Chrome OS

_____ is primarily a server operating system.


The operating system and utility software are known collectively as

system software.

The UNIX operating system was developed by _____ in the 1970s and was written in the _____ programming language.

AT&T Bell Laboratories; C

Drivers are software that allows an operating system to interface with


black screen shot
The screenshot above shows an example of output from _____, which stands for _____.

DOS; disk operating system

The _____ interface replaced the command-line interface of earlier operating systems.

graphical user

A computer’s OS refers to its

operating system.

A new specification for _____, called UEFI, is just beginning to be adopted and could make the process much quicker.

booting your computer

UNIVAC I was the first _____ produced in the United States.

commercial computer

The process of _____ your computer, called booting, is handled by instructions that reside on the BIOS.


Starting a computer when _____ is called a cold boot.

the computer’s power is turned off

In the _____ step of the booting process, the power supply sends signals to the motherboard.


What does UEFI stand for?

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Operating system packages such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux typically combine the OS with


Where is your computer’s firmware stored?

on a ROM BIOS chip

A network operating system is what allows resources, such as printers, to be shared by many users.


Network operating systems must keep data secure while it’s being transmitted or


Multitasking involves

handling several requests at one time

Network operating systems support both network servers and user computers, which are referred to as


Chapter 4 states that your computer’s performance is largely determined by the processor, the available cache, the bus, and the

. amount of memory installed

Your computer’s start screen is also referred to as its


Your computer’s OS uses a file allocation table to

keep track of the physical locations where bits of data that make a file are stored.

_____ memory is a dedicated holding area in which the data and instructions most recently used by the processor are temporarily stored.


A user interface is what you see when you look at your

computer screen.

What does the bus in your computer do?

moves instructions and data around between the components

_____ features allow you to enter information about a file, such as the date it was last saved, and the operating system helps you locate the file.


Automated driver updates on a _____ are accomplished by the Software Update feature.


To rid your Windows PC’s hard drive of unwanted files, which utility would you use?

Disk Cleanup

_____ memory can be accessed quickly because it sits on the microprocessor.


When running several programs at once, your operating system places data that will not fit into _____ into ____ memory.

RAM; virtual

Most devices today work with a feature called Plug and Play, which

recognizes the devices you plug into your computer (for example, into a USB port)

When your computer moves data _____, the file it moves is referred to as a swap file.

into virtual memory

Utility that lets you undo changes made to the operating system and programs. – System Restore, Mobile operating system from Apple. – iOS, Operating system originally designed for servers. – UNIX, Files that provide instructions needed to run programs. – system files, Memory that holds data while the computer is in operation. – RAM

Starting a computer from a no-power state. – cold boot, Part of the system software that can be used to perform system maintenance, scan files, and help protect your computer. – utility software, Where data is swapped into when RAM is used up. – virtual memory, The hierarchy of folders that leads to a stored file. – path, Memory that holds instructions the computer uses to start up the OS. – ROM,

This is a small program needed by the operating system in order to communicate with a connected device such as a printer.


GUI is an acronym for

graphical user interface.

The operating system and utilities are known as

system software.

The operating system on a mobile device is stored in this type of memory.

read-only memory (ROM)

This operating system is an open source program.


Which of the following is not an operating system designed for a smartphone or a tablet?

Mac OS X

This term describes the hardware architecture that software runs on.


In this table, the operating system keeps track of the physical location where a document is saved to the hard disk.

file allocation table (FAT)

This utility searches for unnecessary files (such as temporary Internet files) and deletes them.

Disk Cleanup

What are computer manufacturers starting to use which will eventually replace the aging BIOS firmware?


Microsoft Edge is the name of the new Windows

web browser.

In Windows 10, Cortana is

a personal assistant.

Continuum is a feature for tablet users that turns on or off

tablet mode.

You can customize the Windows 10 interface using the new

Settings app.

Find an app or program by typing the first few letters for the name in the

Search box.

In what way do futurists acknowledge the fact that digital technology is easily broken?

Futurists acknowledge that because things are always being broken, they are also always being redesigned and improved.

How will our control of devices and the Internet change in the future, according to experts?

It will become less deliberate.

According to the interviewee, what is one of the things that the original architects of the Internet did not anticipate?

the current amount of mobile Internet activity

4G network improvements allow greater reliability and

improved security

The change between the first and second generation of mobile telecommunications involved the change from

analog to digital.

4G stands for the fourth generation in mobile telecommunications standards.


According to the video, 3G turned your phone into

a mini computer.

What does BYOD stand for?

bring your own device

J2ME is a _____-based mobile OS.


How is a mobile operating system different from a personal computer operating system?

It’s less robust.

You would find a mobile platform (or mobile operating system) on a


An embedded object resides in

the file you have inserted it into.

These two file formats are discussed in Chapter 5 as means of exporting and importing data between applications.


Create a sales forecast. – QuattroPro, Develop a presentation. – KeyNote, Organize your contacts, tasks, calendar, and email. – Outlook, Create a web page. – Adobe Dreamweaver, Edit a photo. – Adobe Photoshop, Record and edit audio for podcasts. – Sony Creative, Maintain records of an inventory. – Access, Create product packaging. – CorelDraw, Prepare your tax return. – TurboTax, Prepare a mail merge. – Word

This shared feature in Microsoft Office helps you diagram processes and work flow.


A docx extension indicates a file created in


The icons for image files can indicate an associated image viewing program, while icons for sound files can indicate an associated

media player.

A file extension is typically three or four characters long.


You can send the following from PowerPoint to Word using the procedures described in this video.

images of slides with lines for notes

To export a PowerPoint 2016 presentation to a Word outline, you click the FILE tab, click Export, and then click

Create Handouts.

To export a Word outline to PowerPoint, you can add this button on the Word Quick Access toolbar.

Send to Microsoft PowerPoint

Which of the following is not true?

It is not possible to share content between other programs in the Microsoft Office suite, only between Word and PowerPoint.

Deciding between alternatives is called


Which structure is used when creating a program?

a. sequence All of these Correct c. repetition d. selection

Who creates a computer program?


The end result of running a computer program is a


With cloud computing, software is hosted

on an online provider’s website.

In the software development life cycle, once all tests are complete and the product seems stable, a final _____ version is produced.


Software products that are shared for a small payment are called


In the software development life cycle, the software involved in the first stage of testing is referred to as the _____ version.


The final step in the software development life cycle involves

performing maintenance and fixing bugs.

As discussed in Chapter 5, a key benefit of a software suite is

a common interface among programs.

Who owns open source software?

no one

Office 365 is an example of

. SaaS.

The way software is packaged and delivered has changed drastically. Which of the following statements is still true of today’s software?

a. All of these Correct Correct b. It comes with very little printed documentation. c. It is often contained on a single DVD.

SDLC illustration
In the illustration above, the question mark (?) indicates which of the following steps in the software development life cycle (SDLC)?

testing the software

Software developed and sold by individual companies is called


The source code is freely distributed in open source software.


Source code consists of

a collection of statements written by programmers.

What license issued in 1989 outlined the requirements of open source software?

the GNU General Public License

According to the interviewee, what technology has seen an explosion in the last five years?

software for mobile devices

Storing information in the cloud allows people to

have the same information on multiple devices.

According to the interviewee, how will software change in the future for the user?

Software will become simpler for the user.

Cloud computing involves

accessing software and services from the Internet.

To use any software application in the cloud you have to install a plug-in on your computer.


In the future, in the interviewee’s opinion, who will be able to design new software?

both large corporations and independent coders

You can minimize security risks with cloud computing by

using strong passwords and reputable services.

What is Apple’s productivity software suite called?


When software vendors host software on their sites and users access it, it’s referred to as

software as a service.

In the spreadsheet example shown in Chapter 5, _____ run from side to side and are designated by a number.


Including a spreadsheet in a report created with a word processor is an example of

how productivity suites can integrate content across programs.

The presentation software included in the OpenOffice suites is called


Productivity software suites typically include each of the following except _____ software.

financial management

Which of the following is an audio software application mentioned in Chapter 5?


The productivity suite from Microsoft is called


After data has been entered into a database table, the data can be viewed in a tabular list or in a


According to Chapter 5, productivity software and suites allow you to be productive from anywhere because they

are available for smartphones and other mobile devices

What is the name of the word processor software included in the OpenOffice suite?


What do the D and M stand for, respectively, in CAD/CAM?

design and manufacturing

This feature of word processor software allows you to take a list of names and addresses and print personalized letters.

mail merge

The spreadsheet software called Calc is part of the _____ suite.


Chapter 5 discusses the current state of application software. Which of the following is not true of application software today?

The basic categories of application software are the same as existed in the early days of consumer software.

Word processor software allows you to use _____, which are pre-designed documents with formatting and graphics already in place.


Who makes the Pages software application?


In the early days of consumer software, the offerings consisted mainly of _____ and simple games.

basic business tools

Microsoft interface
What is the open source option mentioned in Chapter 5 for the type of software pictured above?


Which of the following applications provides the same types of functions as


In the past, mobile applications typically not as full-featured as their non-mobile counterparts because of the limitations of

memory and screen size.

_____ software is used by design professionals to lay out pages for books, magazines, brochures, product packaging, and other print materials.

Desktop publishing

Chapter 5 gives this example of how managers use spreadsheets.

to track department budgets

What is the name of the database software included in Microsoft Office?


Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe Dreamweaver are _____ software.

web authoring

Chapter 5 notes that these two services allow access to productivity suites from the cloud.

Office 365 and Google Docs

_____ is mentioned in Chapter 5 as being useful for those writing software documentation or books about software, programming, or other technology.

Screen capture

The ability to estimate standard deviations is an example of spreadsheet software’s _____ capabilities.


What is the name of the database software included in OpenOffice?


According to a survey cited in Chapter 5, more than _____ million Americans play computer and video games, and the average age of gamers is _____ years.

150; 35

Chapter 5 discusses financial software used by accounting professionals, included Sage 50 Accounting and


_____ software is designed to store and manage information about the people you work or otherwise interact with.

Contact management

GIMP is an example of _____ software.

photo editing

Database software uses look-up fields to reduce

redundant data.

A computer network consists of two or more computing or other devices connected by a

communications medium.

When a company offers an extension of its internal network for the use of suppliers or customers, this is referred to as a(n)


A cellular tower relays

radio waves.

A medium in communications is some kind of network.


Communication involves someone who sends a message and someone who receives a message, as well as

a communication medium and a common protocol.

Communications protocols

govern the exchange of information.

radio waves.

A cellular tower relays


A medium in communications is some kind of network.

a communication medium and a common protocol.

Communication involves someone who sends a message and someone who receives a message, as well as

govern the exchange of information.

Communications protocols


The illustrations above depict different types of signals. The arrow represents

modulate; demodulate

The word modem comes from the combination of the words _____ and _____.

continuous sound waves; fluctuate between high and low

An analog signal is formed by _____ that _____.


The speed at which a signal can change from high to low is called


A communications medium that is capable of carrying a large amount of data at a fast speed is known as

6 to 40 Mbps

What is the typical speed range of a DSL network connection?

1 Pbps

Of the following bandwidth measurements, which represents the fastest transmission speed?


On a computer network, the term _____ refers to the number of bits per second that can be transmitted over a communications medium.

send and receive data.

Devices use network protocols to

line of sight

Infrared’s chief drawback in the electronics gadget world is that it requires


The ability to stream content from a tablet or phone to a TV is called


The latest Bluetooth specification which uses less power is known as Bluetooth Smart or


RF can work with voice and gesture controls.


One disadvantage of Wi-Fi Direct compared with Bluetooth is that Wi-Fi Direct uses more

4G; 100 Mbps

The current generation of cellular transmissions is called _____ and can transmit digital data at speeds of up to _____.

Cat 5

_____ is an example of twisted-pair cable used in many wired networks.


_____ communication is typically used for longer range transmissions, for international communications, and for connectivity in rural areas.

beams of light.

Fiber-optic cable uses a protected string of glass that transmits

high-frequency radio signal

A microwave is a(n) _____ that is directed from one microwave station tower to another.

Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

In January 2014 NASA launched its latest TDRS system into orbit. What does TDRS stand for?


Which retrieval protocol allows you to synchronize mail folders between your email client and the email server?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

The protocol used to deliver messages to the server is

Post Office Protocol.

POP stands for


An example of a webmail service is


_____ and _____ are organizations that develop standards that address the way devices communicate with one another.

hands-free operation.

Bluetooth headsets like the one shown above are popular with smartphone users because they offer


The process of tethering essentially turns your mobile phone into a


Devices using WAP to display web content have to contain a(n)

short-range; radio waves

Bluetooth is a network protocol that offers _____ connectivity via _____.


Ethernet networks are capable of speeds up to


The part of an RFID tag that sends the radio signal is called the


Wi-Fi refers to a network that is based on the _____ standard.


LTE is generally expected to replace _____ networks in the future.


This wired networking standard specifies the order in which data is sent through the network.


By what other name is the WiMAX standard known?


In which topology are all computers connected via a single cable?


In which topology does data travel in one direction in a closed loop until the data reaches its destination?


In which topology do all devices connect to a hub or switch?


Which topology is used on the Internet?


In a LAN, the _____ houses the networking software that coordinates the data exchange among the devices.


Chapter 6 discusses a modification of the peer-to-peer network architecture called the _____ peer-to-peer network.


If you connect to a network through your phone or cable company, then you probably connect through a

stores programs and files; is a device connected to the network

In a client/server network, the server _____ and the client _____.

client; server

In a peer-to-peer network, each computer in the network can act as both a _____ and a _____


The network architecture pictured above is called

physical layout of; how data moves around the network

Topology relates to the _____ the network but doesn’t reflect _____.

The Internet

_____ is, in essence, a giant WAN.


A(n) _____ is a type of network adapter.


Approximately _____ percent of US adults still access the Internet using a dial-up modem.

an Ethernet cable connecting a desktop to a router

Which of the following would not be considered a node on a network?

lines on the telephone network

A DSL modem sends and receives data using


A _____ is used on older LAN networks to coordinate the message traffic among nodes connected to a network.


A _____ is a device that allows you to connect two or more networks in either a wired or wireless connection.

the central server.

In a network, the network operating system is installed on

block unwanted information from reaching your computer or computer network.

The purpose of a firewall is to


A hardware firewall does not filter all outgoing traffic.

hardware and software

The best type of firewall protection for a network is

b. may include privacy controls.
c. only protect the computer they are installed on.
d. can be configured to recognize trusted sources.

Software firewalls

cloud storage.

Online storage of your email messages is an example of


Cloud-hosted software is stored on your computer.

Google Docs

An example of software on demand is

install desktop application software on your computer.

With cloud computing, you never have to

The correct answer is: The cable that is used to transmit cable television signals over an insulated wire at a fast speed. – coaxial cable, Any combination of hardware and software that provides a service, such as storing data, to a device, such as your computer. – server, A high-speed transmission medium that uses a protected string of glass to transmit beams of light. – fiber-optic cable, Uses a high-speed connection without the need for a physical cable between each computer. – wireless network, A computer or other device capable of sending data to and receiving data from any combination of hardware and software on a network. – client, Computer hardware and software is used to facilitate the exchange of data between a sender and a receiver. – communications system, This wireless medium provides short-range connectivity (3 to 300 feet, depending on a device’s power class) to other devices that have the same hardware. – Bluetooth, This wireless medium uses a series of access points to transmit signals to connected areas called hotspots. – Wi-Fi, Allow different devices to talk to one another. – standards, Used for wired telephone connections. – twisted-pair cable, The number of bits per second that can be transmitted over the communications medium. – bandwidth


HootSuite is second only to Twitter as the tool people use to manage their Twitter accounts.


With HootSuite you can aggregate newsfeeds, photos, videos, and


HootSuite is considered a(n) _______ of social content.


HootSuite’s _____ tools allow you to generate reports on activity.


According to Chapter 7, when did blogs begin to surface online?

open source

One of the trends associated with the development of Web 2.0 was the _____ movement, which allowed users to contribute to the code of free software.


Today, the social web has expanded to be accessible by a variety of mobile devices. Which of the following social media services is accessible only via apps on mobile devices?

user profiles and friends lists

Chapter 7 states that social networking was born when these two features came together in one service.


In the discussion of social technology trends, this service is cited as one that allows you to gather content from other social networking sites.


Web _____ is a phase of the development of the web that is associated with user involvement and collaboration.

Open content

_____ is to the social web what open source was to software development–it means that anybody can freely share their knowledge.


In _____, one of the first true social networking sites,, appeared.


The initial version of Facebook, which launched in 2004, was available only to student of this university.

carry it from site to site

One predicted trend in social technology is the ability to do this with the profile you create when you join a service.


Of the following social networking sites, which launched first?


Chapter 7 cites _____ as the year the phenomenon known as social networking exploded, with several sites launching within months of each other.


A predicted development in the future of social technology is that you will have one set of _____ that will apply to all your social sites.

AsianAvenue and BlackPlanet

These two social networking sites initially launched in 1999 and relaunched in 2005.


Sketchblogs are a category of this type of blog.


YouTube added video blog features in


MP3 blogs are sometimes used by record companies to promote their musicians

MP3 blog

A site that uses music as a form of blogging is called a

pound symbol (#)

Because the _____ was already in use in several programming languages, in 2007 it was suggested that this symbol be used to organize topics on Twitter.

to allow readers to search the blog for specific topics

Why do bloggers assign tags to their content?


The social site pictured above is described in Chapter 7 as a combination of _____ and social networking whose customizable format allows users to share text, photos, quotes, music, and videos.

law enforcement websites.

Chapter 7 discusses several online setting blogging has moved into, including each of the following except


Blogging began on a small scale in the mid-


A _____ is an online journal that anybody can use to express ideas and opinions.

social journaling

What other term is used in Chapter 7 for microblogging sites such as Twitter.

half a second.

According to Chapter 7, somewhere in the world a new blog is created every

five days

It took Twitter over three years to reach its one billionth tweet, but in early 2014 an average of one billion new tweets were being created every


According to the movie, colleges are using the social web for

posting responses to blogs.

Companies can market in a direct and personal way by


Social networking sites are now the number one marketing tool for small businesses.

posting useful information.

Online marketers often find that a direct sell approach on social networking sites doesn’t work as well as


Online socializing began in the late 1970s with the advent of each of the following services except

organizing social events

Social networks are going beyond online communication with sites like Socializr and Punchbowl, which have become popular for

92; 67

About _____ percent of Internet users aged 18-29 use social networking sites, versus about _____ percent of those in the 50-64 years old category.


In what year did Google+ launch?


What percentage of users’ time spent on Snapchat is done on a mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop?


In 2002, _____ became one of the first social networking sites to catch on with the general public.


Over _____ percent of smartphone owners use a social networking site on their phones.

marketing tools.

When a retailer includes a Like button (Facebook) or a Pin It button (Pinterest) on its product pages, this is an example of the growing trend of using trend of using social networking sites as

share contacts; build a network of friends

What has traditionally differentiated social networking sites from other social sites is the ability to _____ and _____.

disappearing media

One of the latest trends in the social web is _____, a movement driven by mobile apps such as Snapchat.


The discussion forums that appeared in the 1980s encouraged interaction with posts and responses displayed in discussion series called

allow you to share bookmarks of recommended sites with others

Social bookmarking sites


This site is an example of a social bookmarking site.


Businesses use social bookmarking to gain additional visitors to their sites and new customers.

capture citations. store images. coordinate with online libraries.

Features of social bookmarking that are useful to researchers include the ability to

Share icon

Social bookmarking is accessed on many websites through the use of a

tags; links

Social bookmarking sites save bookmarks as _____ rather than saving _____ in folders as some browsers do.

social bookmarking

Symbaloo is an example of this form of social networking.


Social bookmarking uses _____, which is essentially data about data.


A wiki is a way to collaborate on a project or online document.

. a personal online diary

A blog can be described as


A well known example of a wiki site is

allows only a limited number of characters per posting.

A microblog


A wiki is a way to collaborate on a project or online document.

a personal online diary

A blog can be described as


A well known example of a wiki site is

allows only a limited number of characters per posting.

A microblog

make your site private.

To keep strangers from viewing your videos online, you can

providing a map of your location.

Geotagging consists of

being turned down by a school or employer.
offline crime.
identity theft.

Posting videos that contain personal information online can put you at risk for

survey what’s online about you and remove anything damaging.

On a regular basis you should

live media streaming

Many media sharing sites use _____, a technology that allows them to send the content over the Internet in live broadcasts.

record it offline and upload it.

Some media sharing sites allow you to record your media right from the site, while others require that you

late 1990s; MP3 music

The media sharing trend began in the late _____ with _____ file sharing.

media sharing; the ability to have a conversation about the media

The site pictured above is discussed in Chapter 7 as an example of one that combines _____ with _____.


Chapter 7 lists each of the following as examples of media sharing sites except

scrambles a message so that it’s unreadable to anybody who doesn’t have the right key

What does encryption do?

one million

In their 2015 Internet Security Threat Report cited in chapter 7, Symantec reported that _____ new malware threats are released every day.

80 million

In 2015, the second largest health insurance company experienced a breach that exposed medical IDs and social security numbers of as many as _____ customers.

Florida, Georgia, California

In 2013, these states had the top three per capita rates of identity theft complaints.


Chapter 8 cites a 2015 study of data breaches which found that _____ percent involved a malicious or criminal attack.

information security

Chapter 8 states that computer security is also referred to as


A(n) _____ is a highly targeted, sophisticated attack tailored to a specific organization, usually to gain access to sensitive information.

data loss prevention

An important part of computer security is _____, which involves minimizing the risk of loss or theft of data from within a network.

installing anti-virus software on your computer

Which of the following is not an example of the use of authentication?


A person who runs a botnet is called a


Botnet is short for robot network.

install and run antivirus software.

A good defense to prevent your computer from becoming a zombie is to

reproduce itself.

Botnets are created using self-propagating software, which means that the software can

macro virus

Which of the following types of malware is usually hidden in a document such as a word processing or spreadsheet file?

identity theft.

Phishing is typically used for

the sender

When sending an email message with public key encryption, who uses the private key?

to obtain payment from the affected user

What is the objective of ransomware?


This type of malware is designed to gain access to the system software and allow the hacker to monitor the user’s actions.

Trojan horse

Which of the following types of malware opens a back door to your computer for malicious hackers?

the recipient did not open the infected email.

The illustration above shows a virus-infected email attack that was unsuccessful because


_____ is a protocol that protects data such as credit card numbers as they are being transmitted between a customer and an online vendor.


This is a type of file that can be stored on your computer for legitimate or illegitimate purposes.

It is designed to gain access to the system software.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a virus?


When setting up your Wi-Fi router, you should use this form of encryption only as a last resort.

bad or evil

The mal in malware means _____ in Latin.

denial-of-service attacks and generating spam

Which two activities are often undertaken by botnets?

to steal money and credit card information.

Scareware scams are primarily used


Which type of malware has a related type of software that allows shareware writers to offset the cost of developing their software?

It does not require the user (the target) to do anything.

In what way is a worm different from a virus?

better target advertisements to you.

Spyware is sometimes used by legitimate websites to track your browsing habits in order to

a PIN number.

One form of authentication used by some Bluetooth device manufacturers is


The typical range for consumer Bluetooth devices is 600 feet.

electronics standard.

Bluetooth is a(n)

disable Bluetooth when not in use.

One way to protect yourself from risks of Bluetooth devices is to

a PIN number.

One form of authentication used by some Bluetooth device manufacturers is


The typical range for consumer Bluetooth devices is 600 feet.

a key that matches the one used to encrypt the message

In symmetric encryption, devices that are designated as legitimate recipients of an encrypted message are give

Device Manager

What is the name of Android’s built in find-and-wipe utility?

turn it off

What does Chapter 8 advise doing with Bluetooth when you’re not using it?

tax returns

Chapter 8 advises you not to post these on cloud services such as OneDrive and Dropbox.


Which of the following products or features is not among those mentioned in Chapter 8’s discussion of remote tracking and wiping?

locks automatically after a period of inactivity

Chapter 8 advises that you should set a password or passcode on your mobile computer and configure it so that it

very large prime numbers

Public and private keys are created using

cipher text.

Encoded and unreadable plaintext is called

both sender and recipient

With symmetric encryption a cipher is known to

both a public key and a private key

Asymmetric encryption uses

suspicious content or unexpected traffic

An anomaly based intrusion detection system is a type of IPS that can detect

phishing scams.

Chapter 8 discusses social engineers and their involvement in


Spoofing is an attempt to get around _____ systems.


The process of redirecting users to a spare server is called

identify weak spots in their network security

A honeypot is used by companies to

battery backup.

A UPS is a

authenticate users.

Chapter 8 discusses the use of biometrics to

become inefficient or crash.

A DoS attack typically causes an Internet site to


A digital certificate contains a company’s private key.

your browser

Who or what identifies a secure certificate when you go to a website?

a hash function

The author of the file creates a digital signature by running a program known as

certification authority

Verisign is an example of a(n)

hardware only. software only. a combination of hardware and software.

Firewalls are created by using

Windows Defender

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 install this antivirus software automatically.

three or more repeating characters.

Chapter 8 states that strong passwords should not contain

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A client with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) tells the nurse, "Sometimes I feel so frustrated. I can’t do anything without ...

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NASM Flashcards

Which of the following is the process of getting oxygen from the environment to the tissues of the body? Diffusion ...

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