INF2603 Ch1 – The Database Approach – True – False

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Data and information are essentially the same thing.

False. Data is raw fact. Information is processed data.

Data processing can be as simple as organizing data to reveal patterns.


We are now said to be entering the "knowledge age."


Information implies familiarity, awareness, and understanding knowledge as it applies to an environment.

False KNOWLEDGE implies familiarity, awareness and understanding of INFORMATION as it applies to an environment.

Data constitute the building blocks of information.


Metadata present a more complete picture of the data in the database than the data itself.


The only way to access the data in a database is through the DBMS.


Database programming languages receive all application requests and translate them into the complex operations required to fulfill those requests.


The DBMS reveals much of the database’s internal complexity to the application programs and users.


One disadvantage of the DBMS is that it increases the risk of data security breaches.

False The DBMS DECREASES the security risk.

An operational database is sometimes referred to as an enterprise database.

False operational / OLTP / transactional / production database enterprise database refer to size – used by entire organisation, support many users

A data warehouse can store data derived from many sources.


The same data might be simultaneously structured and unstructured depending on the intended processing.


Corporations use only structured data.

False Unstructured data is used to produce structured data. Both types are used.

Historically, a manual file system was composed of a system of file folders and filing cabinets.


Initially the files within a computer file system were similar to manual files.


Structural dependence exists when it is possible to make changes in the file structure without affecting the application program’s ability to access the data.

False Structural INDEPENDENCE exists when you can change the file structure without affecting the application’s ability to access the data.

A query language is a procedural language.

False A query language is a NON-PROCEDURAL language (user specifies WHAT without having to specify HOW).

One disadvantage of a database system over previous data management approaches is increased costs.


One advantage of a database system over previous data management approaches is that the database system is considerably less complex.

False Advantages: improved data sharing, data security, data integration improved data access, decision making, end-user productivity minimised data inconsistency

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