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A professional organization for project managers is the


Governance of all project management processes and procedures helps provide senior management with all of the following EXCEPT

A method to ensure projects that are important to senior management are being implemented.

Which of the following is typically the responsibility of a project manager?

All of these are typical responsibilities.

Two dimensions within the project management process are

Technical and sociocultural.

Project Management is a style that places a premium on

building relationships and including a diverse set of talent.

Which dimension of project management centers on creating a temporary social system within a larger organizational environment that combines the talents of a divergent set of professionals working to complete the project?


Project management is ideally suited for a business environment requiring all of the following EXCEPT


In organizations where a majority of workers perform repetitive operations there is often a lack of

singular purpose.

In the _____________ stage of What is a Project?, a major portion of the actual project work performed.


In the _____________ stage of What is a Project? you are more likely to find status reports, changes, and the creation of forecasts.


Which of the following is NOT true for strategic management?

It should be done once every few years just before developing the operating plan.

When creating a selection model, it is important to

not use it as the final determination for project selection.

A SWOT analysis provides the Project Manager with

identifiable strategic alternative and potential critical issues facing the organization.

The __________ financial model measures the current value of all cash inflows using management’s minimum desired rate of return.


Which of the following problems refers to lack of understanding and consensus of organization strategy among top and middle-level managers? This also can result when top management formulates strategy and leaves implementation to functional managers.

Implementation gap

Typically, a project sponsor is

instrumental in approving a project and key to support a project to its completion.

A project selection process that is strongly linked to strategy results in

Better utilization of the organization’s resources.

The strategic activity that focuses on what needs to be accomplished is

analyze and formulate strategies.

Project Priority Systems can resolve

all of the above.

Which of the following would be classified as an organizational external threat?

Slowing of the economy

Jose is looking at a document that outlines the specific deliverables and sub-deliverables required to complete the writing of a technical support manual. He is most likely viewing the

Work breakdown structure.

An expected output over the life of a project would be classified as

A deliverable.

If a project is small and does not require an elaborate system to assign tasks, which of the following is a good choice?

Responsibility matrix

There are 5 steps involved when defining a project; which of the following is the second?

Establish project priorities

A key aspect to communication plans are that they allow the project manager and the project team to

Actively control the flow of information.

The highest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the WBS is

The project.

The WBS is best suited for projects that have a tangible outcome. Which of the following is used when the final outcome of the project is less tangible or is a product of a series of steps or phases?

Process breakdown structure

One way for a project manager to communicate the authority granted to individual project members is to publish a

Responsibility Matrix.

There are 5 steps involved when defining a project; which of the following is the first?

Define the project scope

Which of the following is a good example of a Process Breakdown Structure?

New software program

Typical kinds of costs found in a project include all of the following EXCEPT

All of these choices are examples of costs found in a project.

Rob is responsible for estimating a work package that has a significant amount of uncertainty associated with the time and cost to complete. Due to the uncertainty involved he will be making a low, an average and a high estimate. Rob is using which estimating approach?

Range estimating

Which of the following is NOT one of the recommended guidelines for developing useful work package estimates?

Estimates should include a normal level of contingency.

Which of the following is a good condition for bottom-up estimating?

When there is a fixed price contract

Learning curves are more likely to be applied in situations where most of the costs are


Jose is forecasting project time and cost for constructing a new building by multiplying the total square footage by a given dollar amount. Which of the following methods is he using?


Accounting would be an example of which of the following costs typically found in a project?

General and administrative overhead

Laura is forecasting the time and cost of developing an intranet for a new customer. Her department has completed six such intranets for customers during the last two years. Although the proposed system is about the same size as the others, she estimates that it will take about 10 percent less time and money. Which of the following methods is she using?

Learning curve

A good starting point for developing time and cost estimates is

Past experience.

Janet is forecasting how much money her department needs to support a new project. She estimates that two people and $25,000 in expenses will cover her needs. Because management typically insists on reducing forecasts by 20 percent, she increases her estimates to allow for that reduction. Which of the following factors is illustrated in this situation?

Padding estimates

If testing cannot be completed any earlier than four days after the prototype has been built, what type of lag exists?

Finish to finish

Which of the following will correctly calculate the total slack in an activity?

Either LS – ES or LF – EF

________ activities must be completed immediately before a particular activity.


A sequence of connected, dependent activities is termed a(n)


When completing a backward pass, you carry the LS to the next preceding activity to establish the LF, unless the next preceding activity is a burst activity, in which case you select

The smallest LS of all its immediate successor activities to establish the LF.

Activities which can take place at the same time are termed

Parallel activity.

A project network provides the basis for ________________________

scheduling labor and equipment

Concurrent engineering, which has dramatically reduced the development time for new products, relies on what kind of lag?

Start to Start lags

If, for some reason, the project must be expedited to meet an earlier date, which of the following actions would the project manager take first?

Check to see which activities are on the critical path.

An activity that has more than one dependency arrow flowing into it is termed a(n)

Merge activity.

The critical path in a project network is the

Longest path through the network.

The backward pass in project network calculations determines all of the following EXCEPT

Earliest time an activity can finish.

Bill is building a project network that involves testing a prototype. He must design the prototype (activity 1), build the prototype (activity 2), and test the prototype (activity 3). Activity 1 is the predecessor for activity 2 and activity 2 is the predecessor for activity 3. If the prototype fails testing, Bill must redesign the prototype; therefore, activity 3 is a predecessor for activity 1. This is an example of


Which of the following can be used without coordinating with managers of succeeding activities?

Free slack

Which of the following is true about hammock activities?

They are used to identify the use of fixed resources or costs over a segment of a project.

How to define a project

Step 1: Defining the Project Scope Step 2: Establishing Project Priorities Step 3: Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Step 4: Integrating the WBS with the Organization Step 5: Code WBS into MIS

Five stages of project

1. Initiation: project team formation, project chartering and kick-off. 2. Planning: finalizing the project scope, defining the detailed work breakdown, assessing risk, identifying resource requirements, finalizing the schedule and preparing for the actual work. 3. Execution: performing the actual work required by the project definition and scope. 4. Monitor and Control: the actual management, reporting, and control of the resources and budgets during the execution phase. 5. Project Close: delivery of the project, assessment of lessons learned, adjournment of the project team.

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